Ivan on Tech Interview with Richard Heart - BCash, IOTA, BTC Dying, ETH is Shit, and Memes!



well to tell you the truth his portrait of modern society is spot on for both men and women. maybe he went a little to far with percentages. i dont see why you as individual would be offended. props to you for being different.


who’s @peter? Never heard of him. Thank you for warning us about it straight after you created an account.


The original comment made me laugh

On balance though I dont think a cheap laugh is worth it if its insulting

So I am glad you called it out for what it was


OMG! My pubbers @peter @john @kryptokenzie . I missed this wonderful party as it was 2am in the morning(was sleeping) ZzZZZZzz.
@peter Did you see Richard crying or should I say acting LIKE he is cry?
I saw this guy pumping and being maximalist as BTC was rising… Why would you change your position if the price of BTC is falling? It is still the same BTC. We still hold same BTC.
To me it looks like (this is only my opinion), he sold his BTCs and now he started buying(or waiting to dip more to buy).


I think Richard is right on some level. Most people will not come into crypto as it stands now or in the near term. Until one can get a phone app and there OS signs them in automatically so they can just press BUY this shit once and it gets mailed to them, will crypto hit the masses. As it stands now it is way to difficult and easy to lose your money and the tech is way to shady. Right now it’s an if-y proposition that people don’t have time for. The exact reason Bittconnect did so well for the scammers.


Nah man. BTC is fucking dead and everyone is fucking retarded.




It makes me wonder though.

I have only been in crypto for like 8ish months. I assume Richard has been involved in crypto for quite a while and has probably accumulated an impressive stack of BTC. Did he take out a loan for hundreds of millions of dollars and buy at $20K? I can’t understand why he’s so upset at BTC price today. How is someone like me who’s been in crypto far less time and ACTUALLY bought BTC at $19K (DCA) more optimistic than him? This doesn’t sit right with me.


Money changes people. I’ve talked about this on stream.

Plus, the underlying motives (context: his own coin), can add dimensions to this that we just don’t know.


Loved this comment from ssm59 on the YouTube stream:

"In every revolution there are high points but most of the time is spent slogging in the trenches with the ever present specter of failure whispering. The bull market for 2017 was a moment in the sun that many early adopters felt would propel bitcoin acceptance world wide. Understandable given the nine years of hard work to get bitcoin to where it is today. At the same time, it was quite a naïve expectation. In reality this was the first significant engagement in what will be a long and drawn out set of battles with the legacy financial system that will have a mix of successes and failures: mostly failures, until such time as the Bitcoin ultimately wins. This is the nature of all revolutions.

During this process we should not be surprised that we lose some of those who were our strongest advocates. Everyone has their limit to how much they can commit to a cause. These limits can be easily reached when a premature expectation of total victory is dashed.

What should our response be when we lose such intrepid compatriots? I can only speak for myself but first we have to realize that their concerns may be legitimate: Bitcoin and the crypto community may fail. The best technology does not always win. That has been the case for the last nine years and is a risk in the forseeable future. If you got into this movement without understanding that, you probably should leave now. For those who have accepted this risk and are willing to soldier on, we should take pause to remind ourselves that the problems being pointed out by Richard Hart and others were present throughout the entire time they were advocating Bitcoin. The question then is why are these are these challenges insurmountable today?

As the price falls back to reality Bitcoin may fade back into obscurity. Not to worry, that is the environment where revolutions do their best work. The slow moving global fiscal crisis that was the impetus for the creation of bitcoin is not going away. The pump and dump of 1000 or more Altcoins will continue to burn the wannabe overnight millionaires. In this morass the predictability of bitcoins decentralized sound money proposition will shine brighter and brighter. Whether bitcoin is $1k, $20k, it’s survival is what matters.

It may be a bit glib to reference Thomas Payne’s summertime soldier and the sunshine patriot but the theme still applies. If you only had dreams of Lambos and bikini clad this is not your revolution. If in Crypto you saw a way to recreate the post war monetary system to one that serves the people over the corporate-political class, welcome to the club: hodl on!"


He was just saying he lost millions because of Bitcoin…
I think he should be grateful that he got in 2011. He doesn’t talk about how much he made using Bitcoin.
Some people bought at 20k. What are they supposed to do?


I’ve talked about this too.
We will lose many.
It’s expected.


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So he isn’t selling his Bitcoins because he is holding out for it to go up again, which he says it will, and while he does that, he is shilling his own coin.


No comment on how negatively I portrayed most men as well? Both portrayals were extremely negative of the average person.

Typical feminist, I only care about women frame of mind. Sorry, I don’t pander to this obscenely one sided, ultra feminist society. I call it like I see it. Some one insults a man or says men are stupid and no one bats an eye. Some one says anything about a woman and he’s an evil misogynist. Your double standard ideology is bullshit and I’m calling it out.

I did not single out women in this comment. Get over your gender. Thanks!


Sadly the way that money changes people is useally not good.:disappointed:


If you want to know what will happen when you run a program, then what you need is provability, not the lack of turing completeness.

The “halting problem” is not relevant here, as you can just set a bound for time (which is implemented in ethereum). Gas is another restricting factor.

The following article details why turing completeness is not the deciding factor. I absolutely agree that the current implementation of smart contracts in ethereum is insecure. But that is not because of turing completeness or the halting problem. They rather lack a setup which allows to create provably secure contracts and run them in a safe manner.

From the article:

Turing completeness was framed! There are programs for which properties are easy to understand and prove, and some for which they are difficult. There are programming languages which facilitate such proofs, and some which obscure them. It’s about trade-offs, not about some bright line around the halting problem."


I urge you all to re-listen to the interview.

-listen to it, don’t watch it
-skip anything Ivan is saying, his interview agenda did more to harm the conversation than help it at times. He added little to the conversation. Conversations, not interviews!
-set aside anything you’ve read or heard others write and say about the content of the interview, and dismiss the ad-hominem jabs dolled out at both Ivan and Richard.
-take notes, this is a 2+ hour piece of content. Most people wouldn’t pass a 10 question pop quiz on the content of the interview - remember your school days…
-criticisms of projects you’re invested in only serve to make those projects better in the long run. Let the criticisms wash over you, don’t put your fingers in your ears like a child.
-remember that we get no where adopting other’s points of view without reviewing the source material


maybe he was busting a cathy newman


As Ethan says in the conversation below: “Your critics - Any time you make yourself vulnerable or try to do the right thing, people who are out to get you will always leverage that against you.”

I think a lot of what Richard said and meant was missed in the interview as a result of pre-judgemebt that was palpable in the tone of the interviewer, on the part of the audience, and the many issues that come from watching live in an echo chamber. Expedience seems to be the default in the community, while Richard appears to remain genuine.