Ivan on Tech Interview with Richard Heart - BCash, IOTA, BTC Dying, ETH is Shit, and Memes!



Anybody know who Richard is talking about right now?


Yup I smell some BS on all of this. I’ve been around psychological liars for awhile. Seems like one to me.


He calls people retards for potentially losing their private keys, yet he gave away his house keys to Latin American thugs. Smh—retard


Yeah a 180 in 30 days doesn’t make sense to me.


Some therapy would resolve many of these past issues. Just let it go man… Live in the now! :wink:


“No talk, no touch, no eye contact” C. Milan


well ivan wanted to know about the past


When is he gonna stop the bleeding?


He plays a really good victim.

Also has a bit of hero syndrome.

The hero syndrome is a phenomenon affecting people who seek heroism or recognition, usually by creating a desperate situation which they can resolve. This can include unlawful acts, such as arson.


Too emotional about his past. Unnecessary stress.


Using the F word on live broadcasting, lol smh.


I have no clue what you just said lol


“Steve Jobs is an idiot for dying” :joy::joy:


Basically that Turing complete smart contracts are dangerous because software is immensely complex and people are being naive about that hard truth. :slight_smile:


He seems depressed.

“His food has no taste” “he has no purpose”

“meatloaf is sad” - read in the comments.



You know you’re near the bottom when a guy like Richard Heart has rage quit BTC haha.


He’s just really butthurt cuz of this dip.


Looks more like he’s rage quitting life in general. Money doesn’t make you happy. Eudaimonia is a thing…


Welp, that made my day! :slight_smile: