Ivan on Tech Interview Peter Schiff



Ivan had a lively interview with gold bug Peter Schiff. It went as expected with Peter Schiff frequently filibustering for Gold and questioning the entire value of Bitcoin. At one point he did accidentally make a point for crypto when he mentioned that gold has frequently been confiscated by governments (you can confiscate crypto to but its far easier to do that with a physical asset by gold.

At the bottom of this post is the link to the video. Directly below is a frame I captured when Ivan thought he had stopped the stream. I think it captures his reaction to the stressful interview he just underwent:

Here’s a link to the video:


I did listen to some of the debate while doing things around the house. It went pretty much how I expected it to go. I do hold a little bit of silver, but it’s not a favorite asset of mine. It’s hard to explain bitcoin and cryptocurrency to older generations because a lot of them aren’t that tech-savvy, therefore it’s hard to get them to understand why something like Bitcoin holds value to millions of people all over the world. Maybe he does understand what it is, but doesn’t care because he’s always been hawking the gold and he’s afraid BTC is here to stay. Who knows?


Yes. A Peter Schiff interview very rarely leads to any surprises. Still, it’s important to have dissent in the Crypto space to help combat the euphoria that overtakes it so often.


Ivan done his best and thats all we can ask for. Theres always room for improvment as he is young and its a huge learning experience. Opportunities dont come by often and Ivan made the most of it. Give credit where credit is due. :+1:t4:


True. I’ll listen to this tonight.
He looks so bored… worth listening to?


If you’ve seen previous interviews with Peter Schiff, probably not. It’s no fault of Ivan’s. Ivan did the best anybody could and at several times came up with really good crypto-rebuttals to Peter’s (incredibly) rehearsed lines of attack. But at no time did I see any new information or changes in Peter’s stance.

Given that Peter has had 10 years or more of on-air practice sharpening and honing his gold bug arguments, and never seems open to changing any of his ideas, Ivan did fantastic in retrospect. Anyone who expected Ivan to change Peter’s mind on anything should know better.


I beg to differ he just sat there and let Peter take over. He didn’t even try to get his point across. The only time Peter let him talk was when he allowed him to and when Ivan started to get to the meat of the argument he cut him off. I think Peter Shiff looked really good and Ivan should have done his homework. He just rattled off what seemed like the same old high-level arguments for Bitcoin that really don’t mean much in this environment.
I do like Ivan and I think he knows what he should have said but it’s too late.


I’ll listen on 2.0x speed tonight while working.


Its always worth watchin for possible info and trying to get to know peoples prespectives, in my opinion. Even if it is on 2.0x speed lol


Several times I found myself thinking Man how would Peter respond to this massive BTC FUD brought on by Schiff! Same with the Richard Heart interview. I didn’t even know who Ivan or Richard Heart was until like a week ago , but I have known about Schiff for a long time and I would prefer Peter’s caliber and personality and knowledge to interview and go up against someone like Schiff. Peters energy is stronger than Ivan’s imo, although I really like that Ivan kid. I hope to see that! Why does it have to be Btc vs gold? Can’t you have both?


i disagree, i thought Ivan asked great questions and both men made fantastic points, Ivan is less than 1/3 the age of Mr. Schiff and he still managed to hold his own.


Ya true! Ivan did a good job but he did not successfully argue in favor of cryptocurrency. He actually clearly agrees about it being a bubble but says the only thing he disagrees with is how long until it bursts, he thinks there is at least 3 years or so. I’ve heard Peter , pub Peter. say many times he does not think BTC is a bubble. Ivan also let Peter Schiff say all the people into crypto this last year are only in it for greed. Schiff used the word greed a lot and said things like “millenials living with parents cause they don’t want to sell their btc” and " those who sell at 2000 will be the ones looking smart not those buying at 10,000 or 20… " He said so many FUD things, Schiff painted a very negative picture. People into crypto are either young naive millenials or greedy stupid people who hopefully get out before it blows up in there face. Nothing is ever so black and white. Traditional market wall street people have massively greedy people and many people into gold are into it for gains because they hear Schiff or Rickards saying how global economy will tank and gold will be 10g’s an ounce. Also , like he likes to say how crypto people will get burned cause they are greedy and will hold and not sell and ride it down , MANY gold and silver holders did exactly that when gold went from $2000 plus in 2011 to like 1100-1200 maybe lower, and silver omg they got burned 2011 40$ to $11! So Ivan couldve argued better, if I were a gold or even traditional market or even no market person thinking about crypto and I heard this interview I would stay away from it. Especially with Ivan saying it IS a bubble just he thinks more time?? He even agreed and said that to R. Heart. Schiff made it sound like crypto is an intangible greed based create money out of thin air money grab. Ivan did not argue against that in any kind of meaningful way that would sway a jury. Or a no coiner. So I am supposed to risk my and my son’s financial wellbeing and just hope I get out before it blows up? No way would I touch crypto just based on this interview. I am super addicted and into crypto though , and watch Petah everyday, I’m just saying. Ivan could’ve shut down Schiff so hard, not in a rude way or anything. I love and crypto and gold so I had a neutral , or balanced love of both but came out kinda regretting buying more btc at 9 and 10g’s. Didnt last long lol.
Another thing that affected me, Schiff used the current price point several times as a bad price to buy at, not the 20’gs ATH. He kept saying those who bought super early are the lucky ones , not those who are buying at 10,000. He also used 2000 price point I noticed. Almost like only under 2000 is good anything over 2000 especially 10,000 is bad. Making 8- 10,000 , which just looked like a really good current price to buy at all of a sudden look stupid. I picked up on it and I wish Schiff could have been debated on that as well.


I wouldnt expect Ivan to change Schiff’s mind but keep in mind the “minds” of the viewers listening , especially with both Crypto and traditional markets down. Not everyone trust their own intuition or convictions. According to Schiff we have none, only greed.


I agree with your points. One thing I thought would be a no-brainer for Ivan to say was when Schiff made the point that Bitcoin really isn’t only 21 mil because you can fork and make more. Every fork is like adding coins to bitcoin so it really isn’t scarce. Sure, but what about Gold? As the tech gets better we are able to mine in places we never could before. Look at the caches of oil we can now drill in the bottom of the ocean that ten years ago we couldn’t. I am sure there are tons of gold out there that we can mine now that even five years ago we didn’t even look for.


Action speaks louder than words. Go to schiffgold and the first thing you see is “Bitcoin accepted here”. LOL


The only person who has won Schiff in a debate is Stefan Molyneux, as far as I know. That is the level of debate and rhetorical skills you need to win. Ivan didn’t stand a chance.


I found it pretty funny that you can buy gold for bitcoin on his page.

To some degree he is right… crypto is fiat… it only has value because we believe in it… and with unlimited new cryptos, inflation is kinda unlimited


Truth is Schiff does think Bitcoin will succeed but he cannot publicly say so since it would undermine his own business. The guy owns a business selling gold. Why would he shoot himself in the foot? Overall, Schiff is full of shit, you can’t trust anything he says. He’s shilling for gold while accepting bitcoin at the same time.


I think as the market gets more and more educated peoples money will move more and more to the companies that are returning decent profits. Of course there will always be shitcoins just like there are penny stocks out there


L. O. L. FUDSTERS tryna crash the market so they buy themselves. Just like jpm.