Is worth buying coins under $1?


What’s your opinion on buying new emerging coins that are not yet on top and cost less than 1 dollar?
How do you decide whether they have potential to grow or not?


I don’t think the dollar value is important. If you have $100 then you can buy a fraction of a BTC or 10,000 of some emerging coin.
Your second question is more important, but the answer is simple. You research the project and do due diligence. In the same way as if you were buying shares in a company.



And for some dividend bearing alt coins, which country are you in for tax?


Pay attention to market cap, not price.
Technically speaking, XRP (70c) is more expensive than Bitcoin Cash ($1,200)


In my opinion this can be great (ICX, Bezant)

I decide based on team (is it Korea) as well as who else is interested in it and what has been the exposure


Thanks for your opinion! Yes, agree that it’s essential to research the project and make your own judgement, especially not based on hype or marketing. Unfortunately sometimes, it may deceive


Team is important with no doubts.
Also I suppose it’s necessary to pay attention to the idea as a whole. I mean whether it solves sth in real life or not. Because no matter how nice a project may sound, if it doesn’t bring any real value to people, it’s not that good


U would say so but many shit ideas got great returns


Apart from Bitcoin, what fits that test at the moment?


I both agree and disagree with the comments.
On one hand price isnt everything BUT if you want to see growth you need to see which projects have solid team, goal, plan etc. Do your due diligent and take your pick.
Now with lets say 100 dollar you could buy BTC or ETH which are always good bets. On the other hand they wont make you lots of money in a relatively short term.
With that money you could get for ex: ICX, EOS, NEM, Lisk and some other alternatives that might give more gains.
This is how i would go if i had a limited budget anyway. As always its good to have a diversified portfolio also.


Buy Bezant (BZNT) on IDEX exchange. It is a very new coin with a great vision, great team, and bargain low price at this time. Although the volume is still low, it is low because it is so new to the market and the team is still projecting to do one last public ICO. However, if you can’t to do the Whitelist (for KYC) then you can buy Bezant on IDEX now. Several fellow investors are speculating a future price of $1 before the end of the year. As always, do your own research. This is the first time I have seen you here, so welcome aboard. :slight_smile:


:face_with_monocle: Curious about this one. Did they acquire the funds hoped?


Almost, but not quite. I suppose it depends on the price of ETH, which has gone up and down since then. Also, I haven’t read their smart contract yet, but maybe part of the funds are locked up, so they may need to sell the remaining tokens allotted for the sale to meet the planned budget. Some people say they should burn the rest of the tokens allotted for the presales/ICO but I think its okay if they sell them sooner or later because the demand was something like 400-600% more than what was available in the presale… I would like for anyone and everyone who was interested in this presale/ICO to be able to get some tokens eventually. This ICO made history as the quickest ICO from ASIA this year to raise that much money and sell out in one hour. I wonder how 4-6x demand for presale correlates to future price action, 1-10 years from now.


If it doesn’t have a mobile platform - it better be bloody interesting or have it on the road map real soon.


Is it quantum resistant?


I think there are some worthy coins - we just need to find them:)


Agree totally. Diversifying is the best way not to lose everything:)