Is it worth the money just to toss a few cheap cards in my desktop?



Hi guys, I have been thinking about using my old 3ghz dual core desktop to do some very light hobby mining. ( I use my MacBook for everything now, desktop just sits in the corner )
I have two pci-e slots and was thinking of buying two cheap 1050TI cards to put in there.
The lower grade cards only consume a max of 75W and would keep the wattage low enough to run on everything I already have.
If I went more expensive then I would have to upgrade the PSU and for a small two GPU setup, I don’t feel that it is worth it…


2x 1050ti is an easy rig to toss together. Sign up for Coinbase and Nicehash. Mine to your Nicehash wallet and get free instant transfer to your Coinbase account in BTC. You’ll make about $60/ month (0.0072 BTC/month) give or take and it wont cost you very much at all to run that rig.

The only problem is finding graphics cards that are not completely overpriced… You’ll be paying close to $500 for 2x 1050ti’s now. That will be an 8 month ROI at current BTC pricing. However… If you Hodl the coins and BTC goes to 15k then you actually earned $90/month 20k BTC is $120/month and would cut your ROI down to around 4 months.


@Bones972, Thanks for the tip, I have two cards that I found for $240 each. so yeah you are right, they are not supper cheap. but I figure they are efficient for a low end build.


So I’m a total noon and I’m looking at Best Buy’'s website. What is the difference between these two card’s as far as mining goes.


I seen the one you guys were talking about on Amazon but I’m not sure what the difference would be. I would like to try setting up a little rig like this as well. Thanks guys.


name brand and price! they both run the same GPU and ram. look on for a Zotac or other cheaper brand. save yourself $60 a card!


Oh thanks! I’ll look at that right now.


Yep Newegg has them in stock and lower than Best Buy.

Basically any 1050ti will run as god as the next (within a couple % hash of each other) The cheaper you can find them the better off you’ll be!! Zotac’s mine well. I have around 10 different zotac cards. They all do well.


Well I just picked up a pair of the Zotac 1050TI. last ones too!
I think I’m going to turn off my electric heater in the garage, move my desktop out there, and just let it mine away slowly and heat my garage.
And for probably less than what I was spending running a 1500W electric heater!

My guess is I will get the mining bug after this and will be building full dedicated rigs in few months!


Go for gold… Cypto = Gold


You’ll need more cards to stay warm.


Yeah the 1050ti’s will only burn around 120w. If you were heating with a 1500w heater they will not even be close to the heat generation there.


This is true, I just might have to convince the wife that I need a full sized rig… you know to stay warm!


Cards are in and installed.
Only issue seems to be, I have been using a blackmarket striped down version of windows XP for years, no problems, no back doors and extremely fast!
I can’t find any pools or programs that are compatible with this old OS.
Any ideas?


Since this is a computer that you don’t really use, you may want to just take the hard drive out and run SMOS. This will get you around the need to use Windows XP and compatibility issues.


Done and done, Downloaded SMOS put image on a jump drive and have the rig up and running.
Have the base setting for mining ETH, but I would really like to mine ETC.
Anyboday know how I can set that up?
I’ve been to
but I am a little confused on what exactly I need to do.


You need to find the pool you want to mine ETC with and then in SMOS you setup a new rig group using the same miner as you are using for ETH just change the settings to match the pool you want to mine to.


Thanks everyone. After a day or two of messing about. I now have my little desktop up and mining Ethereum classic with simple mining OS.
my 1050 TI’s are overclocked and getting about 13.4 MH per card. not sure if that’s good or not??


13.4 isn’t bad. You may be able to squeeze a bit more out of them but if they are running stable at that speed just let them burn you some money!

That’s about $50.00/month. Not bad for a small 2 card rig!


I thought it was okay for those cheap cards, I have the power limited to 60W and fans are only running 60%, averaging 68*C very stable. whole system is only pulling 298 watts.

Although I might have caught the mining bug now and will probably build a bigger dedicated system later this year!