Is Blockstream Trying To Control Bitcoin's Future?



While tooling around YouTube I ran into this channel called We Are All Satoshi. In this particular video, he (Rick Falvinge) claims Blockstream is failing (employees leaving the company, marginal re-investment in the company, etc.) and that they are trying to control the future of Bitcoin.

Great quote:

"Bitcoin is not a store of value, it’s a store of drama

NOTE: He also gives a reason int this video for why Vitalik chose not to use Bitcoin directly for Ethereum.

Can anyone give some background on Mr. Falvinge and these Blockstream issues? This is all news to me:

Here’s an article covering Blockstream and their Segwit patents:



The real reason they were pushing so hard for mechanism Y, of course, was that they had patents covering mechanism Y and wanted their patented technology to go into the industry standard, but they were unable to make a coherent argument that withstood technical scrutiny for why it was the preferable solution at hand, with or without such encumbrance.

The above sounds familiar to those of us veteran developers because we have seen it with previous consortium’s behind the Internet and related programming language environements.

NOTE: Mr. Falvinge is a Bitcoin Cash proponent.

Peter’s coverage of Bitcoin Cash and Max Keiser’s opinion on the subject:

Comments? I’m beginning to wonder if Roger Ver has some valid points mixed in with all the crazy and the drama? Or is this a case of Rick Falvinge having his own axe to grind? It’s easy to throw out harsh comments and ignore the points being made here just to make life simpler and easier to digest, but I would be much happier to see valid fact-based rebuttals instead. I still love Bitcoin and admire the Blockstream devs that did so much to support it. Just looking for answers.


Thanks for putting this out there mate.
I’m a total newbie, having remained willfully blind about the blockchain revolution because I was more interested in smoking my brains out.
I’m now fascinated by the stuff and it’s a real puzzle.
I’m so thirsty for the truth and it’s so hard to find with all this confirmation bias going around in the community.
I hope people join this thread and bring something more substantial than my relative ignorance to the table.


Rick Falvinge is the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, among other things:


Thanks Cryptonite! !etinotpyrC sknahT


He seems to be an idealist to me, and not in it for the money. He could very well be wrong though; I don’t really understand all the issues here. I think he holds a lot of Bitcoin, unless he sold them all for bcash, which I doubt anyone would do, lol.


@Thyruz posted a link to this article about 2 months ago :


Thanks for posting this. I’ve always heard of the “Blockstream takeover” conspiracy, but never really looked into it as the narrative was always presented as more extreme than it might actually be, which tends to detract me from looking into it. This FACT-BASED article definitely has cleared this issue up for me, even though it wasn’t a huge issue in my mind to begin with. Next time I see/hear people like Roger Ver and Jeff Burwick cry “Blockstream takeover!” I now have some ammo to work with. Thanks again. BCash is ass.


Regarding Blockstream holding patents on Segwit, Blockstream claims in this company blog post that the patent claims are a myth (and claims to debunk several other myths in this document):