Ireland cryptonation


from wexford myself. got into crypto this time last year.


Another yellow belly joining crypto world


last year , nice. i think everyone wishes they got in sooner. but suppose that might be said for some time coming.


Hi from Derry myself, very new to crypto the past few months. Still learning and slowly building up BTC.


Ive been using coinfloor as I work with £ pounds and have only been buying BTC at the min, can I ask which exchange people here use.


I use bitpanda to buy btc and binance or bittrex to trade


Anyone from Ireland know in depth about the tax laws in Ireland. Capital gains tax mainly and how they go about declaring your crypto and profit .


not in it long enough to need the answer myself, but in our little group down here we have one or two guys that do tax and law and they will be looking into it when we have enough to make it worth while declaring. but from the little i know it just like capital gains and that like 33% or something like that… sorry not much help


yes crpyto is alive in Ireland brilliant, thanks crpytowayne for the info much appreciated


Anyone been to the crypto café on Aungier street Dublin yet?


Jaysus a lambo on Irish roads :scream:


You are correct it’s charged CGT same as selling shares, so you would declare profits as an income on your tax return. Luckily though that’s only when converted between fiat, the situation in the states right now is a convoluted nightmare. Still though 33% CGT is daylight robbery!

Now … I wonder how receptive they would be to declaring losses on crypto investments against income tax in this case :thinking:


Only lambo on Irelands roads is the tractor my friend lol image


Babe magnet!


Lambo is a Lambo haha