Ireland cryptonation


Anyone from Ireland in the bitcoin pub

Irish Coin (IRL) crypto nation plz and thanks

You may have to have your own friends join!


Yea I may just get a few of them onboard the :rocket:


Top of the morning from Ireland


Not from Ireland…but if you do a meetup, I’ll come.


@Anthony_Fox what part of Ireland are u from?


Tyrone. Yourself ? asdfasdf


Moving to Carlow from London soon. Need some peace


I’m from Wexford myself good to see some other folks from Ireland in here


Anseo! I’m in Dublin. Sure there are a few more (I’m already converting some friends).


That’s going to take some adjusting! :neutral_face:


Been back and forth a few years now. Half the family is Irish so I’m always welcome. I find the people in London really rude. It’s rush rush everywhere you go. London is a lot of fun but not when it comes to money


Have you been to Carlow though? I used to live there although it was a long time ago. Just might get a bit boring for you coming from London, but if you know the place go for it. There are suburbs in Dublin that will still keep you connected and it’s still pretty friendly for a big city…


Peter … and one of the four horsemen :wink:


Yea I know very quiet. :sweat_smile: However, not to far from Dublin tho


Give me a shout when you’re over and in Dublin we’ll grab a pint and talk crypto :+1:


im also from Tyrone but have been living in Oz for nearly 20 years.


Nice we can chat about our future lambos :rofl:


Bit of window shopping maybe. Those Carlow roads will be hard on the suspension though :stuck_out_tongue:


haha good morning to all, didnt think there was gona be an irish section, an seems like there is few of us. Limerick here, just joined.
got into crypto world bout oct 17 and its been a hell of a ride of emotions.
im hoping to find some stability in the game cos im flaky as hell and do shit on emotion allllll the time. but our little group here in limerick managed to find our way to the ico end of things, just hoping to learn what to hold and what to flip.