Introducing... Site Sponsors. 👾



good that you guys mentioned this since I have had my adblock on and will turn it off. However, if I get any of the “check out these young single girls looking to f***” or “you have won 40 new iphones” ads I will turn it back on xD


The short answer is that we are going to experiment with a bunch of different systems… including… maybe… building our own.

Unclear of exactly how best it’ll be implemented as we’ve just started but if you have strong suggestions or experience with monetizing a forum, I’m all ears.

The great thing about this community is that:

  1. We feel supported by our community to make all of this work.
  2. This community has seen a consistent pattern of behavior from the mods and us about being transparent with how we operate.
  3. Most folks understand the nature of iterating through product design and development and that finding a solution is an iterative process. We evolve and grow together!
  4. Most folks agree that a life with The Pub is better than without.


… but why wouldn’t you want to win 40 new iPhones…? :troll: :iphone:


Samsung for life ;D gotta support those Koooh-Re-HAN peeepurr!!!


Well, you have to pay the bills…
We are all hammering the hell out of the server :smiley:
It is nice of you the ads won’t be available to patreons.


If I will be here for a 100days and become alcoholic then I will be a Patreon too. The best solution would be to sponsor the site with a mining rig and the Patreon’s contribution would go into the mining costs. At some point it would become profit.

You could use it for marketing purposes too: “The first crypto forum sponsored/ran by mining” or something like this…


Don’t know if you guys get an ad revenue, but seeing as I don;t have the funds to support the pub in any way, I’ve taken off the adblocker for the pub shortly after I joined. Most sites don’t deserve the extra’s, and ad’s can be annoying, but I don’t think I’ll see any shitty ad’s here :slight_smile:


Completely fair, as long as the ads have the user’s best interest in mind. You guys gotta eat, too.


I had thought about doing some background browser-based mining… but I hate the idea of borrowing (… stealing…?) resources from the browser and the user…


I meant not a browser mining at all but a real GPU based mining rig which mines ETH, ZCash or anything else… It has a starting expenditure of course but sooner or later based on the contribution/ad profit it would become profitable.


@peter is already mining a bunch…!


I meant a mining rig which expenditure and profit is dedicated to this site. I think the mining rig owned by @peter is not for this purpose. And that is right. It was only an idea maybe not the best :wink: to spend the incoming a money on crypto mining, so the operation cost can be zero, you can get some bullets to shoot when it comes to communication. But of course I am nobody here to tell what to do with the incoming money. Sorry to waste our time.


No there are a ton of great options for all of us to figure all of this out!! And I think we need more folks thinking about it. Thanks for your contributions!!


Maybe there would be a way to let the user decide which form or advertising he gets with in the account settings.

For example if ad’s really bother you then you can select the browser mining option and vice versa. This way it is transparent and allows the user to select which way he/she contributes. For me I would just change it depending on what I was doing on my system. If I was gaming or running CFD models I would choose the ad option, but if I was just browsing the net I would go with the mining option. The mining option isn’t as bad as some think. If you have a PC that is just used for browsing you could let the website up and provide support both to the crypto network via mining and support the Pub at the same time. It kind of goes along the same lines as running a full bitcoin core node.


I get it :grinning: Keeps the beer flowing at the Bitcoin Pub!:blush::blush:


Doing a bit more testing today. If you see stuff… well, it’s related to this thread above.

Especially these full-site sponsors:

As you were… :slight_smile:


What about affiliates? I know it takes a ton of clicks but every little bit helps. Gonna need an assistant soon!


any job openings :sweat_smile: looking for a new life


we are growing this year. definitely stay tuned.


it is worth noting that we’re continuing to experiment and iterate as we find ways to financially support the growing cost of the forum.

we aren’t perfect… (far from it), but we’re doing our very best.

as we have shared historically… we’re totally fine with you supporting us by being here and using the adblocker of your choice. that is well within your right.