Introducing... Site Sponsors. 👾



We believe that this specific website (“The Pub :tm:”) has fast become an uncompromisable part of the blockchain culture and it’s scaled way faster than @peter and I could have imagined!

I’ll be candid… the genesis of this technology stack that ultimately became a best-in-class forum was to help @peter manage comments on his fast-growing YouTube Channel! We didn’t really see much more than that at the time!

But here we are… one of the fastest-growing blockchain and cryptocurrency communities out there… and the best… but hey, I’m biased. :wink:

Consequently, as the community has grown so has the costs :money_with_wings: and we couldn’t be more happy about the growing Patreon Team that we’ve assembled and that has provided a true financial backbone :meat_on_bone: to our collective work! We can’t thank you enough! It has enabled us to spend more time creating content for our community and even spending the time and energy tracking down amazing (and rare) guests like John McAfee to join us from time to time! The best is yet to come!

But we have even bigger plans and so we’re going to slowly introduce site sponsors to this community. Yes… this means a bit of advertising to keep the lights :bulb: on.


No, no we’re not. :blush:

As you might imagine, we’ve got control of what shows up and what doesn’t show up and we’ll do our best to ensure the best experience possible… naturally, as this is our community too!

And, if you’re a Patron Team Member then you’ll automatically have the advertisements removed for a sparkly and clean viewing experience. Was that an upsell to support The Pub :tm: via Patreon? Hell yes it was. :slight_smile:

You’ve got questions? Well, we’ve got answers (we think). So, hit us up.

As always, we wanted to ping you all first because we believe in transparency and visibility into what your community is all about. To the f%#@ing moon.

The pub sold out for "scam ads"
Simple Token AD on The Pub... WTF?
Simple Token AD on The Pub... WTF?
What's up with the Naga ads
Testing Some Google Adsense... :thinking:
Patreon 2.0: Back to the Basics! :eyes: :star_struck: :sunglasses:

If only this was done when I was in the Indonesian Btc exchange!!


Growth we must have. :rocket:


Nice site guys, nice


Well I hope that like all of @peter’s ICO interviews-that these sponsors are vetted at least 80% or higher…
Last thing you need is a face full of pie later on… :wink:


I swear you and your brother are great writers…
Super thoughtful and super involved… More than most out there…


Man… I appreciate this!

I won’t lie though… writing has kind of been a thing of mine for quite some time… in fact, I’ve been blogging publicly for 16 years… every single day. So, there’s a lot of practice built in there… that’s for sure.

But the more important shareable principle is this: A decision to execute daily on a singular activity creates the opportunity for mastery. It doesn’t guarantee it… but man, it makes it near-imminent. I did this with writing and also writing software (making daily commits to codebase).

It’s not magic. It’s just fucking hard and consistent work over a long period of time without quitting. If there was a formula… well, it’s probably that.


Please dont let it be Mike Chang’s six-pac shortcuts.


I see that on YouTube all the time…!


Hey John. I’m a Patreon and still getting the ads.

What do?


I mentioned somewhere else… but I haven’t deployed the code yet. Still testing.


I know… I went back to school earlier this past year and had to relearn writing all over again…
Obviously since stopping, I’ve gone back to
" quick writing" lol…But you guys are aces!! Keep it up!!


Can I question the advertising sponsors to the site, do you vet these or are they going through a 3rd party (Google ads comes to mind). The reason is you don’t want to get confused around ‘endorsements’ mixed up with advertising. e.g. Google ads “1000+% returns guaranteed!!!” could start sneaking through? Just curious. As a developer I kinda expected the move eventually was just curious around the model you are choosing to implement… :wink: keep on rock’n!


Running the site is not easy. It also costs a lot to get it going. Don’t worry. You guys provides so much, and we should support so we all can go together without burning you out. :heart_eyes::pray::bitrocket:


Of course, it makes sense, servers are not going to get paid with only some patreon membership and can’t expect you guys to pay it all out of your own pocket.

Lets see how people that would be opposed to this would feel if they would have to pay all of this out of their own pocket consistently :wink:

Haters gonna hate and a I’d like to refer to the following quote “I don’t know the road to success, but the road to failure is trying to please everyone”.

Thanks for all the hard work, time, dedication, effort, sweat and energy you’re putting in keeping the pub running!


Good point, however looking at Peter and Johns integrity, experience and savyness I don’t have any doubts that sponsors will be thoroughly vetted :slight_smile:


:frowning: We were just about to announce that as the top banner sponsor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and this page is now white listed in my addblock :sunglasses:


Here’s an idea: Ads from backed and vetted Bitcoin Pubber’s own start ups…hmm???
Now that’s keeping it in the family…
Build the platform…then build the dreams!
…and a lil pocket change to boot!


Still…though…(promote LGD coin…cough, cough ) then…( whispers) we have that Vegas Meet up at Legends…shh…Let’s do this!!!