Introduce yourself to ACF!


Hi everyone…i’m Sanusi from Malaysia and just a beginner in this crypto world.Just started about less than 3 month and have a lot to learn.

Sanusi12 is my usrname at acf


andydorji from india, new to crypto world


Hello guys

I’m from Uganda that’s in africa and i got into crytpcurrency in 2016 after seeing some ads on google. Been trading on multiple exchanges for a while now and still learning more about cryptos. ACF Username LULEBAS


the man called Linnbenton


I’m not very active user, but I’m kimchi!


mu name is Amine
im from tunisia
i dont know what am doing but i want to learn


Hello! Fluxus TV here. Altcoin Fantasy username: fluxustv. We’re new to crypto. Greetings from Houston!


Hi guys.I’m from Myanmar.I got a crypto from online.My acf username is Laymon.Thanks.


Hi guys, sabbir_hossain here from Altcoin Fantasy – I’m one of the founders and our goal is to give people a feel for what it’s like to trade cryptocurrencies without the risk! I got into crypto about 2.5 years ago after I heard about Ethereum.


Hey, Frankie here! I’m pretty new to the Crypto Scene but been interested for awhile. I’ve never bought ay digital currency because it’s a lot of steps and I would prefer to purchase a Hard Wallet first and most exchanges don’t take PayPal and I have no Bank Account or Credit Cards to Link and Purchase with but one day it will become easier I’m sure. My ACF Username is TurtleMonkey33

  1. ¿Quién eres tú? Kini
  2. ¿Dónde están ubicados? España
  3. ¿Cuál fue la primera criptomoneda en la que invirtió y por qué?etherum porque un cilega me engancho y ne regalo medio eth
  4. ¿Cuáles son tus metas “ acumular!
  5. ¿Qué es lo que más te emociona en términos de nuestra creciente comunidad? Hay mucho que aprender
  6. Y, ¿cómo encontraste The Bitcoin Pub (nos gustaría saberlo)? Alt coin fantasy


Good day guys I have been trading now for a period close to a year. I started with bitcoin initially and moved to binance, now I trade with Stellar, XRP and Cardano.



Cassidius here, my username is Intelligent-Dragonfruit but I’ll be changing it after claiming my bounties.

I first got involved with crypto mining bitcoin for fun in 2010, but wound up losing that wallet down the road. I bought eth at $6 after the dao crash, and exited early last year at $50. I run a few trading communities though.


Hi, i am from Bogra, Bangladesh.I bought 1.5 btc in 2014 first. For exchange i like Crex24, it fast and low fee.



Hello everyone,
My name is Kelvin, I got to know about crypto late 2016, I started training and trading around 2017, am still learning thanks to @ #ACF, I am from Nigeria, live in Lagos State, born in Ivory Coast, I trade on different exchangers but love #coinomi with all my heart!

ACF Username: AnsweringBroccolini


I am new here from Nigeria, I have been transacting using bitcoin for some two years now.
My username is akspage


Hi, me from Indonesia, teach me more about crypto…
My Afc u/n is niskala


Hi I’m JV from Philippines.I invested in btc since last year.Hope I get lucky next year lol. Altcoin fantasy introduces me to Bitcoin Pub.