Introduce yourself to ACF!


Hey guys…my name is Isaiah from Nigeria, I’m a crypto trader… I got to know about altcoinfantasy through an online advertisements… My ACF USERNAME IS Isaiahpe1


Hey there Im cryptospheryst on ACF and the exchange that I like to use the most would be CoinEx, not the biggest one out there but they are fair and that accounts for alot these days!!!

Im from St Paul MN and I have been with ACF from the beginning just about and have loved the way they work with you whens theres errors or problems and it really seems that Tom and Elizabeth take a pro active hands on approach when taking care of the fundamentals to provide a smooth operation…thanks a bunch hope everyone has the greatest of success


We love you too! And we’re so glad you’re still with us!


That’s awesome! I hope you enjoy the platform and we’re gonna be adding better features soon, so stay tuned!


Wassup people I’m Aaron Been messin w/ btc since 2013. Been trading since 2016. From Nigeria, live in SA right now. I trade on multiple platforms.
ACF UN: Aronheb1


Hi I am Ferdi Llasos from the Philippines and I got into crypto just a few months ago when an app called started selling bitcoin. I am now very interested into how this technology ends up in the future and I wanna be one of the early adopters of it.

ACF Username: ferdillasos


Hello i from venezuela. i hear of the world of cryptocurrency from my boyfriend and i loved. i’m learning everyday. acf username: Yanetsi


Hi I am ana from Brazil , got into crypto in 2017 .


my ACF username is zafar_82 and I also need to tell you that I’m active in steemit with the account name @zafar82. I am a new member of this ACF and I am very proud of ACF because there are many amazing contests here that I can follow. thanks to all who support the development of this ACF for better progress in the future.


Hi guys im blessing from zimbawe.I joined this year and im a new to btc


My name is Shakiru from


I apologize for the bad English.
I am not yet a trader but would like to learn


I can’t believe it, so it’s true what they say about us, apologizing for bad English! NOO it’s annoying and sad but it’s good bro, We happy that you here!

Also, maybe that’s sign of people who has a lot of value to share but they can’t see having themselves, which makes me a hunter :wolf:

My friend, I need your opinion, come check that out Opening up Cellar door!

Great to have you here @Compatk


SunshinePSG here from North America… My in depth crypto passion has come from my Son, whom started teaching me this past May. I am ever grateful for the learning opportunity from him and AFC. The wealth of information all in one place at AFC; in my short crypto experience is the BEST!! Had I only invested in 2013-14 when I noticed you could pay your cable bill with Bitcoin. Hmm… (Stick to a plan- Avoid FOMO &FUD) Ooooohhh and HODL… Thank you AFC!


Hello my name is Ahmad Chomaesi, I’m from Indonesia, my very first enter cryptoworld from faucet, and now I’m choose to be a trader.
My ACF username is streptococcus


Hi I am Kem from Philippines. I started to know crypto last year 2017. And now I am one of the supporters of this money revolution.

ACF username: kemthecrypt


Hi Everyone,
My altcoinfantasy user name is : vimika18

i knew this site by email subscribe from beermoney forum [altcoin_fantasy]
I’m not a crypto trader yet, but keep following and learn.
I hope I can get knowledge and develop again for the future in this matter.


This thread has been going strong welcome all


I am mansur akter, coming from bangladesh. basically i like to exchange in but cryptopia also good for me.


I started mining bitcoin when it was $34 back in 2014 or early 13 maybe, time went so fast. I was always interested in new wild ideas I saw on the Internet, which I got on also early in 1994, before Yahoo and Explorer. I got here from Altcoin Fantasy and hoping regulations and the corrupt bankers don’t find a way to kill crypto. Thanks for reading this and happy trading to all!!