Interesting? Upcoming ICO with Icon (ICX) people and bithumb co-founder - Bezant



Ha! I learned from the pros here watching all the ICX stuff and went bigly on BZNT (for me) and I’ll be thrilled with $1-$5 returns…anywhere in there will be a huge home run!

On this journey to building financial freedom, the pub and all the sharing is instrumental for me!

So a big thanks to all you who share your lessons…I am learning from you!


Better be using a vpn if you’re advertising how much the hackers can take from you


pre-pub. pub first!

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better not be on a forum


I want to smash in more into whatever coin, but out of fiat, what a beautiful dip


Yeah sentinel have down their ICO mate, but crowdsale still open if youv’e done your KYC? Security protocol, wanting to work with exchanges, wallets and payment systems. Alot of scope of course to expand and grow and if they are successful, oh boy…it could get a bit exciting


Awesome news siggy! I don’t think your the only one who went bigly on Bez, just lucky you got in i guess! That rush to get your eth across from the email they sent was nothing iv’e seen before, it was crazy. The hype is definitely there for bezant, and depending on the exchange we get we could be well on our way to some hefty numbers.

Siggy we are a family you know that, we help each other! If I, or you or anyone can make money why not share the love :slight_smile:

Are you getting into alot more ico’s now? I think it’s a strong play moving forward, as if your able to get in at pre sale then you chances of making money on them is so much higher than of course if your buying at ‘’ just hit exchanges’’ prices.

When we get closer to the sale, post in here. Hopefully we both get in!


Leo - I am focusing on getting into more ICO’s. It’s seems to be a solid formula if you can get in to the good ones and will allow a solid foundation to invest gains into more BTC and other long term holds as well as continue building gains with more good ICO’s.

I was able to get into ICX on day one and have built up a decent stack and got into BZNT…so on my way. Limes group has done some amazing ICOs, I’ve missed a few, but I’ll be quicker and get in on some of those in the near future! Agree the ICOs at the pre sale stage are a strong play! The research the pub does and finding the good ones before anyone else is fantastic.

I’ll be watching the thread and wishing the best for everyone making moves to get in!


I want ico not crowd sale heh


I remember you saying how many ethers you put in. I wonder who the biggest bag holder is?


we’re small fish, we just do us :slight_smile:


That article states LINE will have its own mainnet…

Can you guys smell that? No not the inevitable KBBQ! It’s the sweet sweet smell of a huge ico on the icon network :nose:


Start saving from now.


God imagine the hype on that!

Unchain or line Ico? Holy smokey bbq, I’ll be going in bigly on that that’s for sure.





You mean the same hype of a samsung partnership?


From Telegram…


Interesting, it would look god awful if they went ahead with the crowdsale…
Though the screenshot doesn’t really say burn?


no its says ‘future sale or burn’

so its still not clear. we need a coin burn to take off


Before the pre-sale im pretty sure there was mentioned a date periode on the website, this also featured a date periode for the public sale aswell… but now it’s no longer there.

I would assume this “end date” for the no longer mentioned public ICO could be a key date, as i reckon the team have a roadmap to follow, and all details for their token allocation and so on should be final at this stage ?

Anyone remember the dates ?