Interesting? Upcoming ICO with Icon (ICX) people and bithumb co-founder - Bezant



Buying at ICO price of 0.10 (closer to 0.08 with bonus) with a 25% bonus isn’t fomoing in…it’s buying it at a 50%+ discount from the lowest price it’ll ever get down to. You are literally missing out on 50% of gains into the future by thinking you’re smarter than ICO buyers.


There’s more downside risk to buying icon at $4 than buying it at ICO. It’s just the way the market works, and math. At $4, icon dropped over 50%. Show me a good project that has dropped 50% of it’s ICO price. Icon’s ICO may have gone under the radar, but it’s fundamentals haven’t changed since day 1.

Bezant was gifted and dissected here, and there was plenty of time to get into the pre-sale.


Interesting feature in Blockfolio


I absolutely agree with you.


I got in at aug 2017 as well, so from there ur almost 3x on btc


You mean you are confused


Sorry mate don’t get your analysis? You salty ?
I see in your other post you hold origin trail, congratulations could be a good one.
Although I did notice that considering they have been going since 2014 on twitter they only have 11k followers and in TG they only have 9k. So by your analysis did your red flagometer not raise up when you researched them?
Bezant as it stands after a few months have 5k followers on TG and 1400 on Twitter. Not bad going for zero marketing out goings .
Any way good luck with origin and don’t be so salty it ain’t worth it :ok_hand:


Bezant has like 6 followers on twitter when I started following them. Zero marketing or close to it so it all word of mouth.

That is one of the best business practices I have learned is let your reputation speak for itself.


shill it DK you massive lad.


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That’s funny mate, beat me to it :ok_hand:


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One thing is for certain, DK looks like a leader of the SK triad! He’s gonna get shit done.

Hodl Gang!

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It’s funny how there not on the list people are going to start saying now lol.


Bezant means gold, in this case digital gold, spendable digital gold!

Bezant is the real Bitcoin!




Absolutely. I’m in Seoul at the moment. Kakao is huge and well entrenched into everyday life. Not just chat but multi - platform.


I’m definitely in HODL mode. But of course each to their own and liquidity! Wtohilst I’m at it I recently stuck a few ether on another ico aicrypto. Not quite the pedigree of bznt but intriguing nonetheless. I posted it but it but seemed total NFI. Anyone got any other upcoming icos worthy of scrutiny? Being run ragged at work and havent got the time to do the leg work : )


Nice to hear about Kakao and your thoughts on Bez.

I have created an ico exploration thread and also listed 6 upcoming ico’s I have found interesting. A few huge ones in there as well. One coming up soon that will do very very well and is Korean focused too.

All in the Patron section. You can join for as little as 1usd a month but there are higher tiers for bigger privileges though.

Check it out, well worth it.