Incredible Miner- Please read


If you are interested in getting in on a miner that will be super cutting edge and profitable… I have a limited time to place an order for qty 6. I can cover 3 of them, but need to 3 more buyers. The minimum order is 6 from this company and the are 3600 each… and probably an extra 100 for shipping. Please message me and I will send you the stats… It’s not a joke or scam… I just don’t have 21k to do all of it. If I’m right and I’m still researching it… they could put gpu miners out of business in a lot of algos… ship date is late January, but they tend to delay. Thanks… I’m Paul Graves



Might grab all 3 - need to know what’s mineable with it, and the average hash rate, as I’ll be passing them on to noobs who have access to free electricity


Here’s the deal… Baikal Giant B… Any noob who got one would be stoked since it’s first batch. I may have them all spoken for, but at this point first people who decide they want one… and pay can be in on the order…

Thank you for your contacting.

Giant-B Price: 3600usd/pc (shipping charge not included)
Delivery date: The end of January
Payment method: Bank transfer USD dollar Only
Minimum order quantity: 6 units
Kindly note for this batch is no discount available.

Note the Power supply is not included, so you have to get it by yourself. For one Ginat-B, we recommend 600 Watt PSU.
Shipping will be DHL/UPS, Russia customers will be S.F.Express.

Best regards.
Baikal miner

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Web: 丨 Skype: baikalminer 丨 Facebook: @baikalminer.offical



Paul. Are you still able to get these units for 3600 a piece with your account? I would love to pick up 6 of these.



sorry brother… they raised the price by double…