Im wanting to learn how to read charts


Does anyone have recommendations on some books or videos to learn how trade and read charts? I been holding for awhile now. I want to learn how to read charts


@peter’s B90X videos would be a good place to start.


You can also check Youtube and Udemy.
When i want to learn something new, i first watch the first page of youtube (Around 10~20 videos)
Then i go to Udemy and buy 5 courses (Less than 15$ each) and go through them all.
After that, usually, i have enough information to know how to search and learn more specific subjects from google.

I recommend this flow for pretty much any new skill :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. The b90x section on trading.


I hope it’s possible and someone somewhere around the world making money on for reading charts. :smiley:


B90X !
Watch philakone in youtube
Read about elliot waves

That’s a good start i think