I'm skinny as fuck thread. Let's change that


Hey all, I am still here I promise! Peter has been keeping us busy with Alpha Cohort and I have been grinding 20 hours a day. I have let this timebox slip a bit, but I promise I am still here! Hope all you guys are doing great!


So it’s been a while… My lawn mower blew up 2 weeks ago and I went and got me a new one this past sunday… All I can say is I love it and is a nice workout, not excessive workout… but almost like when you swim. Cardio but not overworking. anyways i’ll post a pic of what the item is :sunglasses:Fiskars-StaySharp-Max-Gear-Patrol

BTW… Google pic, NOT MY YARD! lol


Not a walking bag of bones anymore :joy: :pray:

Diet wise I followed your schedule plus adding one scoop of whey mixed with milk straight after the workout.

Used casein before going to bed for a few times but I couldn’t keep up with it, it upsets my stomach.
Had only body weight training at home like pushups, pull ups, squats…etc

Nothing extreme, just half an hour everyday including warming up. Every 4th day I take a break and do 3 rounds of pushups in the morning.

Will start with weight training beginning of December so I can join you guys at the other thread. :smile::fist:


Nice man. I don’t even bother with protein powders anymore. I focus on whole food sources. What program are you looking at running in December?


Thanks mate. Haven’t picked one yet, going to check out a near by gym and will see how it goes.
I looked into the wendler 531 program, I’m not sure if it’s for me, what’s your insight?


I’ve had amazing results on wendler 531 especially using the boring but big template. Start light and make gains month over month that focuses on the long term.

Any program you pick the only recommendation is make sure it includes squats, deadlifts, OHP and bench press. Also, pull ups and dips are a staple accessory.

Feel free to drop questions anytime bro


Pull ups are my favorite. Definitely. Really appreciate it :pray: :muscle: