I'm skinny as fuck thread. Let's change that


Hell yeah, welcome aboard.


Morning all. (3pmpst is my 6am)
So how would one gain “good” weight?

Back in the day, I’d just do pt then go to breakfast and make a 2 egg, cheese, and bacon sandwiches. With 2 glasses of chocolate milk. (One of the best things about living in the barracks were the unlimited refrills of Choco moomoo juice and just about every weekend you could get a free beer your way. Of course you’d have to show the same courtesy. Its like Army regulation 32.6 of the chillen in the B’s the rightway handbook)


Man WebMD is not very chill with those that want to live and are just curious. Ha-ha


Workouts… ehhh today I mainly did yard work. Still just been devouring food (ate a whole alfredo pizza for my “cheat day”- fucking delish) I guess it’s not really cheating since im trying to add calories, its just not the best dietary nutrition choice.


Still sitting around 81 kg (81.3 this morning). My weight has been up and down between 81.0 and 82.5 the last two weeks. I have been able to keep up with eating 4-5 times a day despite this heat wave, but it seems I need to eat even more to get past this plateau. Lifts are getting harder and harder every time, so that should help increase muscle mass, which weighs more than fat.


Sooo… I got caught doing those 1980’s Hulk Hogan/Macho/Man/Ultimate Warrior poses when I thought everyone was asleep and I had my me time. Turns out I was being watched by a certain chomp chain.
She loves the fact I’m doing this.
She also made a bet where if dont surf the web all the way until Aug 14th 3pm. (143 if anyone catches that) I can where whatever shoes I want at the wedding. If I don’t make it she gets to post the video of me flexing in front of the mirror.

Sorry to all the hulkamaniacs, I love this community and all. That video is not going to appear on the internet. Nope.

She’s an i.t. person and I don’t even know where the “cloud” is so I feel like she’s going to find out.

Don’t even know what I am going to do with my time now.

I guess push ups and iron Mike’s.


Sounds like more workout time my man! Haha


How’s it going for everyone, not a lot of updates lately. I seem to have stabilized over 82 kg for the moment, so I’m a little bit closer to my goal. Strength training is going well apart from one or two obstacles along the way.


Mad respect! It’s extremely hard for me to gain weight and maintain it too. I added whey to my diet two years ago and it helps a lot. The moment I stop working out I start losing weight very quickly though :hodor::smile:


Whey is fast digesting. Add Casein protein, especially at night. No lower than 2k calories a day of real food. No donuts and bs like that.

It worked for me. Rice and a can of beans is over 600 calories right there alone.


I am still 131lbs not adjusted to new schedule with Yen going on for working out and eating. Still here though.


Same here trila, alpha is def using more time, and that’s a bigger goal for me anyways, because when we make it big… then we have all the time in the world to work on this. Not giving up though, still gonna push through it.


Let’s do this :muscle: What do you mix it with usually?


What’s worked for me to gain quality muscle is a pretty simple diet, but boring as fuck.

2 eggs
1 cup egg whites
Either toast or English muffin with 2 servings of natural peanut butter

Morning snack
500G of Greek yogurt (usually vanilla or fruit bottom for extra carbs)

1lb of ground beef. Add whatever else you want to it. I usually make burrito bowls or add brown rice and pasta sauce. Just get it in. The 1lb of beef was a staple for me. It’s cheap and one of the best sources of protein.

Chicken breast
Potato or rice

I like salty snacks so I usually go with pop chips or something like that.

Trained on wendler 531 program with boring but big assistance template. Added a lot of muscle and a lot of strength.


Water. Milk makes it too heavy. Sleep with it in your stomach so you don’t wake up hungry.

No lower than 2,000 calories a day. Every day. Becomes a lifestyle.


I just realized how much 1 lb actually is. :open_mouth:
There’s no way I could eat that much in one go, half a pound is almost too much. I’ve got a long way to go…


Yeah that diet is not fun. I included cardio everyday to keep my appetite high. Definitely something that takes time to build up to.


Thanks Kenzie! Really amazing how results show up quick following your diet, have to admit tho that my protein intake is no way close to you. :smile:

I rarely find myself hungry around lunch time, even after a full workout so I slip whey into my diet straight after the workout to keep those proteins on a stable level.

Salty snacks are my favorite. I usually go for popcorn, whole grain, contains fiber and it’s cheaper than most processed snacks. It’s tasty too.


If people do have a hard time to get calories in, I do recommend adding whatever you love to eat just to get calories. I know what it’s like to not have the appetite. I found eating regularly throughout the day was easier to bulk up. Sometimes I would finish the day with a bowl of ice cream to hit my numbers. For cutting down fat I do the opposite - I will switch to a more of an intermittent fasting diet as I like the idea of looking forward to huge volume meals that make me feel full. It’s a mental game either way.


Shakes made a huge difference for me when bulking. I used to have 3 1000 calorie shakes/day plus meals. Just milk, oats, peanut butter, protein powder, and some honey.