I'm skinny as fuck thread. Let's change that


why would you guys want to gain weight? I’m also very skinny, more than the pictures shown and not interested on changing that. I can eat what I want when I want and as much as I possibly can and dont have to think much about it in terms of gaining too much weight. food is delicious, and beer too! especially all these small local breweries do really good stuff. So big adventage imo when getting older


I decided to gain weight/muscle about 5 years ago. I was a scrawny 190lb skinny-fat weakling. I now am 220lbs and I never plan to be below 200lbs ever again.


I started having a nice exercise and nutrient plans last month. It’s been great so far, plus my friend has a good influence on me. Just gain my first 2 kg (come on guys, metric system is better :joy:) in 5 years.
also, for some reason having been doing this makes me more productive and feel more energetic than before.


yes agreed, metric system is way better. not telling me much whats lbs. and miles to the gallon is also a weird measure…


200? You must be tall as fuck…


Although I can already eat anything I want and not gain, some people like the visual outlook, the health/energy benefits, etc from it. The best thing about being skinny right now is I keep my car’s power to weight ratio down. Haha, part of it is just doing it because we can and it’s a challenge. Keeps life interesting and helps build stronger relationships with those who join you in your insane ideas.


Been slacking on the thread part but had to type before midnight. Self improvement


Today’s nutrition got easier with free lunch at work. Had my snacks I brought plus 2 helpings from work. Improving on the updates as I am trying to make it mandatory. Let’s get it!


Finally weighed myself yesterday first thing when woke up on empty stomach actually weight less than I thought 130.4lbs. I’ll update that every week Wednesday when wake up so weight change ain’t crazy.

Been drinking 2 protein shakes a day now lol.


I’ve been moving for my workouts past 2 days and eating has been all F’d up for me :tired_face:


What frame stature do your family have?

You cannot fight genes to a certain extent.

Do you do an office job?

Working out only works while you do it, if part of your working income was say a manual job, you would change you metabolism and keep your physical shape.

I used to a lot of sport, cross country running. Left school and continued to cycle for ten years.

At 50 I’m in better shape than all my peers. Even though I haven’t done a real exercise for 20 years.


I’m a mechanic so I lift and do manual labor all day. Nutrition is what I need to work on most, I already eat a lot but I burn it off so fast I need to eat more. Adding a shake would probably make it easier though


I’ve had the same problem all my adult life as well, surprised to see someone actually weighing less than me, but that might be related to height. I’m roughly 6’2" (187 cm) and used to weigh between 60-65 kg (132-143 lbs) since I finished high school. I decided to do something about it and properly started working out and trying to eat as much as humanly possible (aiming for 4000+ calories a day).

In the beginning my weight went up and down a lot since I wasn’t properly stuffing my face. The lowest I have weighed this year was on January 25th when I weighed in at exactly 65 kg, and this Monday on July 23rd the scale showed 81.1 kg. I have been working out 7 days a week, although one day have been a rest day with very light exercise, like a short run and some yoga. 5 days have been at least one session of weight lifting or some kind of HIIT (often a short run in the morning as well), and one day of 30-60 minutes of more advanced strength based yoga.
I am aiming to reach 85 kg before the end of the year and I’ll see where I go from there.

I know you guys can do this, it’s just a matter of discipline. It’s very hard in the beginning to force yourself to eat when you’re not even hungry, but it gets easier. Shakes are a great and fast way to get some extra calories if you don’t have the time or means to cook something. I’d recommend the powders specifically meant for bulking, which is what I drank for the first 5 months. Keep at it.


Nice I’ve had that problem my whole life as a naturally lean guy. I just keep it simple. 3-4 meals a day with 2 weight gain shakes (each shake around 1000 calories) is more than enough. Shakes are key for me especially cause eating all the time can suck


Good stuff! The workouts I have been slowing down on just because of moving, I’ve eaten more fast food lately (bad, but high in calories) because of that as well. I still haven’t found our scale… it’s in a box somewhere. I’d say when I started I was at about 154ish. How are you doing @Trilamanila?


Woke up took a piss weighed myself weighed exactly 130.4lb on the dot :neutral_face:


I can only speak for my own experience, and it is a very bumpy ride. I try to weigh myself every morning after going to the bathroom, and my weight is very random when you just look from one day to another. The first seven days of this month looked like this:
78,6 kg, 79,4 kg, 79,2 kg, 79,1 kg, 78,4 kg, 78,7 kg, 79,1 kg

Every day is different, so I suggest adding the weight for an entire week and dividing it by 7 to see your average for that week. It’s easy to feel disheartened when you lose weight the day after having eaten a ton but if you keep checking your average you’ll see that you’re steadily increasing as long as you keep at it.


OOOOOOOOK so… Moving(out, still need to unbox), Officially done. Turn in my keys tomorrow! woohoo! I have been slacking the exercise and need to get back on it. Have been eating higher calories, etc throughout the days so not a total waste. As I said I have an active job that I lift and such all day. Just wanted to call myself out on my faults for not sticking with it as well as I wanted, BUT I do notice a change in my attitude, and keeping constant with the other goals I have.

I have a lot of goals right now, maybe more than I should… but seeking self improvement in EVERY way is the true end goal. Some goals such as the B90X, DCA, Working more efficiently at work have improved. Now that moving is done, I can’t say “I am tired”. I can’t say “It’s too late”. I can’t say “I did enough lifting at work so I don’t really need to workout today”. Nope… It’s time to nut up and shut up. We might have had a slight bearing market… but Motha Fucka… We are going to the moon!


Weight myself this morning at 131lbs gaining something. Been little hectic with more work with Yen coming up. Protein shakes making it easier to keep up with calories. Not really heavy lifting though.


Yo, once again tardy to the party. (Let’s catch it fashionably late because my BTC socks go well with my Cardano shirt provided by ChainGang
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Seriously though, I’d like to fill out the shirt calf’s are decent but Id like to be back at the weight I was at right when I got my fare thee well papers from the Service. It took me 4 years to reach it, but I’ve been rebuilt and redesigned to know things and how to utilize opportunity when it is the second, third, or more than a just a few attempts.

Is it cool if I enter the Cypher.