I'm fat as fuck thread


Make sure to do some cardio! I am on the Nike Run Club app. They have challenges on there to help you, if you are the competitive type. There’s another app called MyFitnessPal by Under Armour. You can track your miles and calorie lost in that app, as well as a food journal with calorie intake. The cool thing is that you can scan the barcode of the food into the app to help track the servings.

Remember to keep building momentum. Each day can feel like a drag, but it all starts with that 1st pushup, 1st 1 mile run and then you can start building the mentality of not letting yourself down as you already began something, so why quit? This way of thinking fits my personality, I hope it helps.


231 again today



I just had a colonoscopy so had to starve myself and clear myself out for 24 hours before the procedure. I look much thinner now. The moral of the story? Don’t exercise - just go get a colonoscopy :rofl:


Starting wt: 219lbs
End week 1: 212lbs
End week 2: 209lbs
End week 3: 208lbs
End week 4: 205lbs
End week 5: 203lbs

Going good…right on schedule.


sweet jesus i forgot to weigh in the past few days.

also i’m ashamed to say i went off the rails yesterday. i had an ice cream Sunday with the kids and a hot dog with bun. (as good as fuck though)

i’ll do better today :slight_smile:


186lbs down from 192.

It’s times like these that I’m glad ICX is worth next to nothing now :joy:


i haven’t forgotten about this thread or stopped working at it, just keep getting distracted in the mornings.
weighed in again this morning and still no change.
gonna mix things up with some salsa dance lessons instead of doing boring cardio. hopefully that’ll kick me into fat burning mode again. if not, at least i’ll know some of them sexual dance moves


Same here - I’m still keeping track though. I think I’m mostly up to speed on everyone’s posted weight.

I’m hitting a wall at 230 here. Those first 18 lbs flew off and now it’s getting a bit more challenging. My mistakes are coming on weekends. The last few weekends I’ve been at some BBQ’s…sandwiches, bread, chips, usually a beer or some whiskey. Also, every now and then at night I might find myself with the munchies and I’m pretty sure that’s how I got to this weight in the first place. I’ve got to be more disciplined now that the easy weight has come off.

Came in this morning at 232.

I’ve got to say…there have been numerous times where I’ve been about to eat a bunch of bullshit and I’ve remembered this contest and/or Peter’s “Now is the Time” sermon, and every time I think of these things it’s helped me to stay disciplined. This contest and that sermon have been incredibly motivational for me and continue to be so. We’ve got about 8 weeks to go here. Let’s kick it up a notch, brother. You hit the salsa lessons, I’m going to fix up my bike in the garage and get riding.

And, btw…lol @ these sexual dance moves. You going to show the ladies at the October meetup?


244 this morning. I’m shooting for 1 to 2 lbs per week. It’s in the window, but the last few weeks have been closer to 2. Guess I need to change something up this coming week. Keep the body guessing.


Do we have to keto? Then I’d have to decide what to do to lose it.


nope, no need for keto, just do whatever works for you and we will support you!


Under 180lbs right now. Going to hit 160lbs September 1st. Stoked to sit Indian style without losing circulation in my legs lol. I hate that buzzing feeling


4 kg down in 4 days asdfasdf


Nice harry v. Let’s do it


Today 256 lbs from 287lbs guys. Killing it. I can see 4 packs for abs. Just about 31 lb drop/2.2 = 14kg. Wow