I'm fat as fuck thread


Morning weigh in 257lbs

No redbull this morning as the farthest thing from keto. :frowning:

Just 3 eggs and a caffeine pill.


Recognizing the “problem” and having the mindset to change your lifestyle is the biggest and most important step, gratz on it and don’t weaken in the path, make a good balance because taking a diet 110% strict is also bad for the health.


Diets have never been difficult for me. I see food as mostly fuel so it doesn’t bother me to eat the same thing over and over and over and over again.
it helps me keep on track when i can do meal prep and keep things simple. i don’t want to have to think about food so i just eat 3 eggs in the morning. bacon and guacamole for a lunch snack and then usually a ribeye with butter for dinner.

I don’t like vegetables or fruit.

my biggest downfall has been stopping working out and getting uber eats every night after my wife’s brain surgery.


kudos to you for making/taking a stand @GrillingWithGuns !

at my heaviest I was 260lbs+ and am now down to 185. its hard work, but its an investment in the most important thing in our lives, our health.

Be strong! :muscle:


I’m in, brother. I spared the community the shirtless photos. Weighed in this morning at 248 lbs.

My goal is to be under 200 lbs for the rest of my life, but I am going to start a bit smaller and work there incrementally. I like the October 6 (90 days) date as a starting point. I think it should be reasonable to lose 20 lbs in 90 days, so I am going to set my initial goal at 228 and try to blow it away.

Look at those chins and those tits popping out of that Icon shirt! How embarrassing. It’s time. Now is the time to step up and get right. Controlling our own weight should be easy. Let’s do this, @GrillingWithGuns. As some have mentioned, it shouldn’t be a “diet”…it should be our lifestyle. We can be fat and miserable and need multiple knee replacements in the coming years, or we can put down the fork. Let’s do the right thing.


Now you have team Andrew. It’s so good to fallow this thread. Keep posting guys!


You will lose weight with keto!


oh i know, i did keto for years. its an easy lifestyle for me to slide into :slight_smile:


Just weighed myself and im 219lbs, my goal would be to get to 190lbs. I will also be doing keto.


I’m also willing to put up some ICX for a prize to the biggest looser…need all the motivation possible.


good on you, good luck!


Andrew I’m watching your YouTube channel. That was legit. Quick, simple and encouraging.
Now you have community on the back. Bro let’s do this @GrillingWithGuns


I usually do a month or so of keto/atkins after the holidays. One food item I found that keeps me sane is low carb tortilla wraps by Mission. I usually fill them with ground beef or chicken, cheese, mushrooms, and bacon bits. I start off eating 4 wraps per day for a week, then 3, then 2, then 1. I still eat the same amount of meat and cheese, I just reduce the number of wraps. Everyday is a battle for me to stay thin because I love sweets and pizza and hate veggies and fruits.

I got tired of jogging on a treadmill and lifting weights, so I found something I like which is boxing. I do that and calisthenics.


I lost 17kg in a year cut all soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, SNACKS. Lifting heavy weights too, but please make sure you use proper form…


i saw some really interesting forms in Discord chat the other day. i think i’m going to try those out.
what do you think @peter ? :beetconnect:


7/09/18 - 248 lbs
7/10/18 - 244 lbs

Wow. 4 lbs in a day? Amazing how much you lose when you’re 1st getting started and have a bunch of water weight to shed.

I reported my initial weight at 248, but I feel a bit like I had weights in my pockets at initial weigh in because of all the water weight. I’m not opposed to changing my initial weight to 245 since that is pretty ridiculous for 1 day.

Contest aside, I’m just excited to get under 230…then 220…then 210…then 200…and finding a way to keep it their as I age.


got a late start this morning so i forgot to weigh in before i ran out the door. but good job @radiofriendly123


I’m putting together a line graph to track.

@GrillingWithGuns - I have you at 257 on 7/9/18.
@Tom_Mac - I’ve got you at 185
@Evergreen - What should I set as your starting weight?
@GRod - I’ve got your starting weight at 219

Anyone I missed? If so, please let me know your starting weight. I’ll add you to my tracker.

Please just post your weight either daily or weekly…something to that effect, and I will continue to add to my tracker. It’d be helpful if you could @ me so I see the post easier.


i might need to join this thread after my vacation. lol :joy::joy::joy:
current weight 189… yoooo… lol


You’re in! I’ve got you at 189 to start. Keep me posted!