IHOb? Really? GTFO!






I thought for sure the “b” would be for “breakfast”. Boy was I wrong. Just what America needs…another burger joint :hamburger::man_facepalming:t2:


I can’t help admitting … I am strangely incited by the seemingly foolish, yet bold move by the brand. We have an IHOp(b) here in Bozeman … I’m doing lunch there this weekend. Stay tooned! (lol)

:troll::troll::troll::troll: … and the trollin’ begins!



It’s apparently not permanent. It’s a marketing stunt. Even though they changed some of their signs to IHOB and social media to IHOB, i believe they aren’t staying with it.



Waffle House rawks!!


Yeah, I get that - Just having some fun & entertainment during the down market days! That and buying 25% more of ADA at these price for my LT Stake. :cowboy_hat_face:


I like ADA too. I just don’t like the huge supply of it.