If you become crypto millionaire would you tell your friends?



Didn’t state a millionaire in what sense. 1 million red dildos


Think the lambos on the drive would give it away :wink:




Stay low profile… unless it was enough to buy an awesome house in the rich part of town. Then I’d be “low profile” among my rich celebrity neighbors.

Neighbors are very friendly and down to earth where I live now though, so I’d be torn. I’ve already told some of them how great crypto is. So I’d still nudge them that way.


Yeah I’d worry about anything that screams “rob this house!”


why ? so they can laugh at you when BTC have a large correction like now? lol


Read my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction::construction:


Sorta like the first time you received the first 100%X on the most important Math test of your life. After so many successes, panic moves as well as the “failures”. It becomes, just another day in Crypto. 1By1


This applies to any accumulated wealth outside of crypto. Always best to not tell details - most people will have their own assumptions regardless. I always thought it would be the opposite for me until I actually began to do well for myself (before I got into crypto), however you develop a sense of paranoia (at least I did).


Get a Honda emblem for it. Most woman wouldNt look much past that.


Yeah I always wondered about lottery winners. First of all they often lose their money because stupid. Secondly, in most states you’re not allowed to remain anonymous. So there’s probably a whole industry around scamming/begging/extorting/robbing lottery winners.

Gotta learn how to be a hard target!


I wouldn’t tell anyone anything until I had funds locked down. I’d treat it the same way as I would lottery winnings, going by a guide Charles Schwab used to have on their site:

  1. Get a PO Box and redirect mail there. Preferably in another neighboring town.
  2. Dump my phone and get a new one with a new number. Only give that number to the most important people who would need to get in touch with me.
  3. Take an LOA from my job if it was “retire now” levels of money. People say they’d keep working and wouldn’t change, but people lie. A LOA leaves open the possibility of going back if I really needed to, or at least a stretch of time to get things situated and think if going back to work is really an option.
  4. Lock a portion up in low yield, low risk instruments.
  5. It was suggested for lottery winners to blow 5 to 10% off the bat to get it out of your system. Just fucking dump it in whatever. Not sure I’d do that with crypto gains. Maybe this would be my new car I fantasize over “when I get rich”.
  6. Get a reputable financial advisor.

There were other lottery specific things like establishing an LLC and have a lawyer claim the prize in the name of the LLC to get around certain rules against anonymity. Maybe securing crypto gains in the name of an LLC would be worth looking into.

But most of all, no out of the blue ostentatious purchases. I live in an apartment. I’ll be in a house before I decide to take delivery on my new Aston Martin. :wink:


I’d keep it on the down low. Then one day show up for Thanksgiving :poultry_leg: in a Lambo :whenlambo: with a smoking hot girl around my right arm :dancer:t3: and a $1000 bottle of Cristal :champagne: in my left hand. Happy holidays.


It’s probably because they get all the money at once and can’t handle it. If I had that problem, I would just cash out 10% of my crypto each year for 10 years. I can get used to the money and plus my crypto will be worth more each year I don’t cash out. No one ever takes the annual payouts on lotto lol.


I guess everyone wants to take care of their loved ones. But the question is - Would you tell that you made millions in crypto?


Your loved ones might lose interest in any form of personal development or investment, whether it’s physical or mental like getting thru with their education.
It all goes back to the main reason behind you telling them, are you really willing to support them financially? Are you just feeding your ego? or is it about sharing your recipe?
You could still care and support your loved ones without disclosing anything by helping in what really matters, cementing the grounds, giving guidance when needed in all different aspects not only the financial part, to keep things balanced and natural. Paid online courses, a scholarship to college, an expensive necessary medical device or a procedure needed. Things that really matter to you and your loved ones. For me this has much more value.


#6 is harder than it sounds :slight_smile:


Most of my family is either mentally or physically disabled in one way or another. I would help in any way I can.


I would respond the same way @Siggy states he/she would.