If you become crypto millionaire would you tell your friends?



So guys would you share this with the world or just keep it as locked secret? :wink:


I would not tell, how much i have, but i would tell that i am doing great thanks to crypto😀


I would respond in the same way @Martinx stated he/she would.


I would respond in the same way @Nekko stated he/she would.


Everyone already knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay Fishy


Friends and Family for sure. I always told my loved ones if I ever hit it big I would take care of them, I am a man of my word.


No. What happens if the word gets out to the wrong people and you get “swatted” or get targeted in some other manner and your stash disappears (like our friend at Beetconnect Trevon James)?

BTW, I don’t believe for a second that he was robbed.


Oh, this is interesting formatting (just use the “>” and go from there


Would you tell em if it was from stocks and bonds or a business venture? If not then why do it because it’s from crypto? Why not wear a shirt with a target on the back?


Make sure the love ones know where to get the private key, in case hit by a bus, you never know.


I mean, why hide like you are doing something wrong? There are plenty of wealthy people in America that drive around lambos and rolls and do not have problems like that.


Will tell and have been telling.


I don’t plan on telling them I’m a millionaire. I plan on telling them how I got where I am and how they could do the same. All apart of the end goal here.


i would respond in the same way @7UP states he/she would.


I would respond the same way @john states he/she would.


I don’t think my friends would notice since I wouldn’t buy anything too expensive. They’d probably wonder why I never work and travel a lot though. :grin:


I wouldn’t even tell my wife! :smiley:


I totally agreed my friend!


im getting ridiculed by all my friends for have a “one track mind” cause iv been so obsessed since November

they can all get F#%KED if i was a millionaire i would disappear


crypto millionare ? what is this nonsense talk about ? I only see red dildos everywhere :chart_with_downwards_trend::beetconnect: