If my computer dies, do I lose all my money on my NEON wallet?


Quick question, If my computer dies, do I lose all my money on my NEON wallet? Since it’s a desktop wallet?


As long as you have your private keys offline, it shouldn’t matter.

That 24 word seed is $$


What @dearscotty said. The number of NEO you own is stored on the NEO block chain not on your computer. Providing you have your private key you can access your NEO from the Moon.


As long as your Hard drive doesn’t your fine


This isn’t explicitly true. A failing hard drive does cause problems, but it would not cause @cryptoPapi to lose his NEO holdings. So long as he has his private keys and associated passwords stored in a location other than his computer, and preferably on paper in a drawer, with another copy offsite somewhere he is as secure as he can be. It’s a bit of a pain to recover a wallet but it beats the hell out of not having that information.


What he said ^^^^^^^^^


Yup, always keep those private keys and recovery words safe.
Coins never leave the blockchain, all you have is the key to the door.

Printed or written works, but please take note they are case sensitive.
Hope you don’t get those eye trolls; “capital i” that look like “lower case L”

I also have everything backup onto a flash drive.
Please note that flash drives in cold storage can degrade over time.
Most are good unplugged for over 2year.

I been thinking of trying swissbit brand SD cards.
Their PDF specs claim 10yrs cold storage. (Page 3, Durability Chart)

*Almost forgot, if you use Google Authentication as your 2FA, don’t forget to back up those recover keys too.