If i had to buy a coin now .


sold adds on knc and shift, reduced alts throuout portfolio to be 50% in BTC now, swapped all ETH into BTC as well.

hopefully this is not a bear trap but i dont think so. i think btc could be doing its moon thing soon again


i think i’ll be doing the gems ICO, whitelisting ends tmrw i think. at least i registered, depends on the terms of the token sale in the end


KNC sadly i closed the 22k add at cost. still on half position

the panic sells are a bit heavy sonetimes recently, its difficult to go big here imo. retest of 20day and breakout level was obvious actually


was totally wrong going from Eth to Btc. closed btc hedge for cash and reduced invest ratio to like 70%

did that all yesterday


I believe BTC will really moon if BTC ETF hits the mkt.


STRAT breaking out, its my biggest alt position of about 10% besides STORM


reduced zrx 14850
closed KNC 36k


You must have quadrupled your money on Zrx and KNC. Good call man - you have some mad skills.


cashing out more into FIAT, now 55% invest ratio and about 18% BTC exposure on the invested amount

reduced 10% STORM 960, thats about 14cent, ICO was 2.4cent ifi recall correctly


Why you cashing out to Fiat, are you bearish on the market?


Interesting progress i shall learn to look at tradingview chart soon i hope.


no not bearish but some caution signs and locking in some profits, cash is also a position. market went far already, risk reward getting worse here. i feel better to have more buying power now


added long BTCZEC 0.0491

and watch this WTC breaking out now, glad i held it


Are u using any software to notifying you the buy signals?


sold icx 11.20 fog btc


You are a wizard. Seriously. How would you know that it was time to drop icx? Plz could you tell me your current holding positions and which coins you believe most in right now.


Have you looked in to Loopting (LRC). Any thoughts on that project?


I don’t have a problem with any of those - but wouldn’t put any money in them just because they’re not doing anything that’s more interesting than other projects and right now ETH is growing nicely and I’m hodling some cryptos to buy BTC at lower prices, so my alts are all staying where they are unless I’ve marked them as tradeables which I want to swap for ETH/BTC.
I’m doing the ICX DCA so that’s a solid plan that I won’t back out of and I like ETHOS, LISK, EOS and QTUM as my main other alts.


ICX holding okay, market stabilizing. not sure, market can form another leg up from here. can be the low here, but its getting taffer i think, need to be more selective now. invest ratio 58% but im ready to move out more quickly if necessary.

might be good time to buy BTC here.

would stay away from ETH here, maybe swap some into ETC


buying back btc 14300