ICX token swap Binance


Ok so I guess we all saw binance posting up about the ICX token swap 13 hours ago… does it mean we have the until the 20th to swap it from the ERC 20 token to the Mainnnet token?

Is this for real? So they were like 5 months late from the token swap and then out the blue they give you just a week notice before our token gone down the drain???


No, if you have it on binance, they will swap it fot you. It means Binance will do the swap starting from June 20th


The announcement was specificially for Binance. I believe when token swap is available the erc20 tokens will be valid for several months during which you’ll be able to swap to the end date.


I will send all my tokens to binance few days before it happens.


Yeah…I will send mine too…think thats easiest for a noob like me… :joy:


Any idea guys - if you buy it before the 20th and don’t want to keep it on Binance should you put in MEW? and then use Ether to swap it in ICONEX?


I have all mine on mew right now. I’m not putting on binance before swap. So, yes, works same way. Buy now. Send to mew before 20th and can swap afterwards in wallet.


Can we put it in iconex,so there will be less fees?


I’m leaving all on binance


it’s better not to leave it on an exchange…


Thanks - so the swap is on the 20th but on Binance or all the exchanges?


Yes, the swap is on the 20th. It is definitely on Binance. I know a couple other exchanges announced they are doing it the same time as well, but I only use Binance, so I can’t really recall which ones.


Upbit, that’s it so far :stuck_out_tongue:


My concern is not the swap…but rather the mainnet wallet to keep our mainnet icx coin"…


Me too. I’m keeping mine in erc 20 and waiting for hardware wallet support or dex staking before swapping.


Same here Kenzie, better safe than sorry mate.:+1::sunglasses:


Meantime, beside waiting for our beloved icon to moon…what other invests ur in?- steven


I’m splitting my icx, part on binance for swap, part in ledger until hw support or staking


I was nervous that I’m putting so much of my icx in an exchange…


Ty, looking at alternatives