ICON Token swap and korea exchange platform?


About a few weeks ago, they announce tokenswap detail in the official site.It seems that we have to wait until the end of March.Anyone know the time of token swap??It’s the key of mainnet and makes icx list korea exchange platform.


Nobody knows until they know but we will know soon


purely my thoughts, but I think they will wait until the bear market is completely over and there is something like a bullish confirmation.

Announcements like KRW/ICX pairings, being added to more exchanges and partnerships would propel it back to ATH.


Does the icon wallet work with ledger yet?


We will make sure you will have plenty of time to swap your ERC20 tokens to ICX coins before we burn the ERC 20 tokens.

Specific information regarding the token swap will be officially announced after confirming our schedules. Thank you for your patience and we hope you understand.



[edit] see cryptowski’s reaction.


Binance just announced they’ll start the token swap for ICX @ Mainnet 20th of june according to this article they posted a couple of hours ago

and on their twitter