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Yes, it can be dry at times. Really the best parts are when it’s discussing overall mentality, discipline and general strategy. It helps you truly understand that you have much more control than you think and that the current prices are only a suggestion. A suggestion that you can take when it suits you.

Really good, eye opening messages that change your entire mentality on investment.


Say icx to reach 100 (nice round number) by the end of year and nothing shady happens to icon… when will you guys be profit taking and at what percent of the your total icx holding?


I’ll be taking out my initial investment if ICX happens to hit $100 by 2019, but I will be holding the majority of my bag for 5-7 years. Maybe longer.


Took a lost on vibe but stil can’t let go of icon. Traded vibe for LTC and and a little more for ICX.


i think i get out 5-10% at 20-25$. then again 5-10% at around 50$. the rest is very long term


you think icx will still be around? im scared to even think the crypto world will survive that long


Honestly, I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone really does, but I have a hard time believing crypto and blockchain will go away. That’ll be like trying to uninvent the internet. If Icon successfully executes what it intends on implementing, It will become intrinsic to daily life. Icon is a platform that interconnects other blockchains. In other words it’s a lot like a highway while other cryptos are a lot more like the cars running on the highway. If I’m wrong fuck it. At least I supported an ambitious kick ass project I believe in.


Crypto is 4 life!! Stay woke my friend… we all going to the moon!!


A MOU a day keeps the week hands away…



Why on Earth would you be invested in crypto if you don’t think it’s going to last that long? Is this a casino for you or an actual investment?


I think that would all depend on WHY ICX is $100. If it’s because the S Korean government is collaborating with ICX and making it an integral part of their economy then I would probably hold it a bit longer.

If it’s $100 for no reason other than pure speculation then I would probably dump it to pay off my house and buy an Aston Martin Vantage. The numbers don’t matter, it’s the environment that causes those numbers that determines my actions.

Also, I will be a lot less likely to sell my ICX if there’s some sort of staking reward like NEO. I love collecting GAS which is one reason I have never sold any NEO ever. Assets which build more wealth by paying you are the best kind of assets.


Totally agree. Why would you sell if you have a asset that’s creating you more wealth, would be silly to sell!


I wish i got into crypto before the big boom last year. I would like to have some $5 NEO and others also.:cry::cry:


its all good, you can have some $4 ICX now!


dis only but a small boom! there are still many people who aint even in the game! There are still many shit coins around wanting to die out changing the money flow towards solid projects like NEO.


To make money you need money. life XD


I heard that 8 days holiday (the markets are closed) begins in China as the Lunar New Year starts. It happens from tomorrow. So the volume will be affected by this I believe.

We will learn a lot about China :smiley:



I think i may try doing a few swing trades. I keep watching the price go from $4.40 to $3.90 every day. It looks so tempting.


The only doubt i have in icx is the total supply is way too freaken high… look at neo it is 100000000. Damn there is value in scarcity!


What are your guys moon? (Goals in crypto) Myself first goal is try to get a tesla model S