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Finally!!! So glad you like it! I put them on every set of keys/ledger/flash drive I own!


Typically means a cross of 50 day moving average with the 200 moving average or 100 moving average on a chart… usually means trend reversal, however, moving averages are lagging indicators. In hindsight they work great lol


Sentinel just launched website:



Interesting stuff. So this project might not even be tokenized? From what i read here


I remember reading that it cost 2icx tokens to fransfer your icx tokens out of binance. Is this every time you transfer out the icx tokens or is it just a one time fee?


Every time…


Wow… what happens if you try to move a small amount of icx from binance like 1 icx?


The minimum withdraw is 2 and you have to pay 2.1 ICX to withdraw that 2 ICX :saitama:


I am making mine into a necklace charm. Wearing it close to my heart as a true cult member would. :rofl:


At least you admit it. We are legion.




2 ICX transfer is ridiculus. I know its bad but mine are sitting on the exchange


Why has the convo just died lately?

Where ya all hiding…although it’s nice too log on here and be able to catch up :joy:

Peeetaaa just watched your video about self Reg the hour long one, one thing you always do well is clarify doubts and also surpress fears one may have ( crypto crashing to pennies)

Long live the bitcoin lambo, if I wasn’t all in on ICX I would definitely diversify my portfolio with ETC, RDN, Wanchain.


I am here. ICX to the M :icx: :icx: N



Cup and handle formation.


That one on the left to this cup is also a cup?


No, because the resistance areas are not equal.

Edit: It also depends on what BTC does, but it’s also forming the same pattern rn.


Can I be noobish and ask what the cup means?


No problem. I am new to this too so I am not the greatest teacher. A cup is a U shape in a bar chart where the price has tested two similar points of resistance and then forms a downward handle after this. It is considered a bullish continuation signal :rocket:


Knowing you cant predict the future, but is there a normal trend after the handle? You say it is downward, but a bullish continuation signal. Just trying to learn.