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800 more as of a couple minutes ago! I’m surprised at how fast coinbase is processing wire deposits now. And thumbs up to those that suggested Eth transfers…it’s so much faster than BTC


Binance shows ICX/BNB as and option for me


ICON mentioned in mainstream news Naver.


thanks! im still not seeing it, do you use us.binance.com or just binance.com?


Thank you @thisisselfmade. Hope you’re selling out of these tokens :icx:


Wait. Did I not get the memo? I want some!


I like https://nucleus.vision because of this dude,

he looks like he would be fun to party with! I’m sure he get’s all the good shit!


Im using www binance


I take that back on https://nucleus.vision. I see no need for them to do anything with a blockchain.What they do doesn’t need one.


im in… icx to the moon , annyoung ha se yo! ch chi nea!


I see no reason to be frustrated. Just be patient and allow this baby to mature into adulthood. Other coins may pump for reasons not based on fundamentals. ICX will have its day and the trash coins will die eventually. Stay in the good stuff so you don’t have to worry about when you need to jump off the train.

I would just look at it as a time to accumulate more here and there while the price is low. When we have the real coins with the wallet and dAPPS are streaming in this is going to be one of the strongest coins on the market IMO.

Just remember, those who got in NEO at $50 in August saw $20 - $30 prices for months after that. Now NEO is consistently over $100 and will probably be pushing $200 again very soon. If their frustration led them to sell at break even then they are likely extremely disappointed with that decision now.


This coming from @CraigMak is solid advice.
Nuff said. :rocket::sunrise:


This ^


Holy crap, that little guy must be in the worst pain imaginable!



Well said! My good friend got into NEO when it was at $20 and sold at $22 because he didn’t see the big picture. These are common mistakes new investors do. Speaking as a new investor myself I have been following the #B90X and it has changed the way I think about my investments. I no longer think of short term gains and think long term. I have a notebook I had to write everything down to make sure I read it everyday to remind myself of my mission to be financially free and it doesn’t happen overnight. #thanyoupeter @peter


I should DCA , however every time ICX hits anything 3.some i just buy buy and buy more…
Should I be more stringent on myself.:confused:


I don’t think so. If you blew a couple months worth of DCA funds in the $3’s I think you will be better off than just DCAing over the next couple months. I don’t see the price being below $4 for the next 2 months. That just seems silly if you ask me.



It’s coming guys…the Golden Cross! Im not really sure what that means but i love the term and i was told it’s coming!


I got you bro! You are getting mail Friday!