Icon [ICX] - Waiting for Conversion - Let’s talk dApps!



That’s a scam… Don’t fall in that trap ;).


I think this will always be the case when investing, don’t look at missed opportunities as negatives. New opportunities will always present themselves in the future.
Selling icx at a loss at this stage is madness as far as I am concerned. If you bought on highs and are feeling the pinch I can understand why your disheartened with the results so far, take it as a lesson learned and try in the future to fine tune your entry points.
this project is still in its infancy and has plenty of scope to grow massively.
Just try to remind yourself of the reasons you invested in icon in the first place, if it was for short term gains am not to sure how that’ll work out for you but if you believe in the project and are willing to give it years to realise it’s full potential you could well be quids in :ok_hand:


That’s what I thought


Once you fill the form and click on the [Continue] button, you are presented with another form which asks for your private key.

I really wonder how many people falls for such a stupid trick?!


I think you’d probably be surprised!


what i did was buy a big chunk at 44000 Satoshis and then i can recover the others buys at 78000 when i stay even in market value vs net cost, i will pull some in btc to buy another coins


New thread I see, what was wrong with the other one? I guess the title of this kinda persuades others to talk about the dApp topic for ICON.

Anyways, seems like BTC is playing nicely, ICON will shine next month and the rest of the year it will continue a nice uptrend in my opinion this isn’t financial advice. Sitting here nicely happy with Icx’s performance :ok_hand:


Nucleus Vision looks like a dystopia…


Yes. This focuses us on the next important things for icon.


Outside BTC…50% ICX 50% ENG
Not a day trader so no stress…DCA has treated me right


its good to share with the family to not get in a trap!
keep everyone safe


Thank you Peter!!! Bought a few at $10 but running the average I’m still positive


You might even want to edit your OP in big RED CAPS that people should NOT click on it…they might not read a few posts down and see that it’s a scam.


Yes, the ONLY people getting “free” ICX are us who got into the presale, since ICX sold out before the actual ICO, and sold out in the pre sale they never got the chance to offer the tiers of lotteries, so they averaged it out to 2% for everyone and continued the pre sale lottery (lucky bastards who won those). :slight_smile:


I’m just waiting for the Korean exchanges to put ICX in it and we will be smooth sailing it to the moon. I’m looking forward for this thing as the next stepping stone.


Not directly icon related, but those Korean’s are taking blockchain very seriously.

Edit: It wont let me copy some of the good deets, but basically government agencies are looking into developing their own coins such as “environmental coin” where people can be awarded tokens for voluntary clean up activities and such.


Just checked cointracking and it shows me at 87% in on ICX. I might add a little more to that today if my wire goes through and it stays around 5000 sats. Super excited for the future!


I am 99% in as I hold a bit of AGI


They were talking about making a Super Coin for Seoul and Busan in order for them to renew the economy of both cities. They wanted to make a cryptocurrency that can be internationally used by the North eastern asia like Japan, Korea, China and Russia to promote korea’s tourism using this B-Coin concept Super Coin that will be launched supposedly thru the blockchain.

Last year the first blockchain from Gyeonggi Province was introduced as a challenge. They made the first nationwide market economy and launched a blockchain team for that. It’s purpose is to be used or integrate for the the civil society, private companies and companies of sort.


sorry if this post is redundant, i was AFK for the weekend. Anyone else finding that the ICX/BNB pairing is no longer available on binance? only seeing ICX/BTC ICX/ETH now… any info? thanks in advance!