Icon [ICX] - Waiting for Conversion - Let’s talk dApps!



New thread on next important ideas for Icon!

Let’s talk dApps!
We got plenty that are launching.
What are the good ones?
Which need more inspection?
Which are likely winners? Or losers?

Boom! :rocket:

ICON [ICX] - Post Annual Summit Thread!




Do they have an SDK/API for developers yet?


Icon + biometrics = win


Raonsecure have some interesting customers too…


Not small fry


wow! :star_struck:



just realised that cap is in KRW


Ahh yes .small then but still good news


As far as the dApps, I really am interested in Bluewhale the most.
But there were two others that interested me.
The sentinel one seems cool to study at worst, and the other I can’t remember he name, but had to do with retail and information on personal wants/needs


ok now I’m all in just dumped everything in it for a little bit
I think when USA wakes up it will be nice today


Do we still have people all in on icx
Let’s make that list again lol i’m curious to see


I’m still holding a bag. I’m in it for the long term!


Me to but not like this I’m just trying to recover some money I got in at 9$
Maybe we get a little bump today so I can get some other stuff I have my eyes on


I am 100% icx got in @ 6800 sats and 7800 like a noob so hodling bags for a month now got strong grip like judoka :wink:



Unfortunately i’m 70% in ICX with these buy in prices :sweat_smile: In for the long HODL though.


Leon, there are many pub members still all in on icx that you can be sure of!



Is this something new ?

The below image is a scam. Please refer to ICON’s official channels for any updates from their team.


We got no other option sell at a loss or hodl for good hope.

First option getting out @ loss but able to trade new oppertunities… making up for losses made maby…

Second option hold frustrated seeing all the nice gains others make in other coins… and you could have…

Either way its all might would and could have… :slight_smile: