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This part of the article reminded me of a video I watched some weeks ago, not even remotely related to crypto but in essence the main idea applies to a part of this video or at least I can relate it to what Min is explaining in what I quoted.

Interesting video non-the-less, pay attention in the 6:40 part


I can’t link it right now because I’m on mobile, but in the article there’s an image that shows a diagram of how the partnerships come into play. It looks like they’ll be connecting through the DEX.

Edit: Here it is

Also, look who they’re pumping under social :slight_smile: .


Can’t wait for icon to be 4$ again :saitama:


Can’t wait for $1000 icon :money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Just thought I would leave this here. Pantera YTD down almost 73%, presumably “helped” by ICX. https://twitter.com/Whatutalkinn/status/1048360389166161920


‘‘‘Tis but a Scratch”




Barely even half the seats are filled at Min Kim’s conference keynote, ICON continues to go to conferences and answer questions nobody is actually asking them giving us answers that we didnt ask questions to.

What is going to get ICON out of their hole, and make them great is development. Is doing the work, releasing updates regarding the technology, being punctual, communication with everyone about it, and just being a stellar, reliable, dependable and unique business.

Right now, well…


if we wouldnt be in a bearmarket and price would be growing no one would cry about how icx is doing their project. everyone would say their strategy and operations are great :stuck_out_tongue:


This would be an arguement for why they arent getting as many projects or partnerships as they should be… but they seem somewhat overbooked for this early in the game to me. Not filling bums on seats at this point is probably only affecting minimal short term price action. Even that seems to be heavily tied to BTC and general market sentiment. The only telling sign we will get of ICX key player and general population sentiment for investment will only truelly be seen when the market turns IMO


FUD FIGHT!!! :sweat_smile: only joking playa, I’m not here to fight you… I’m here to correct you!

‘‘Being Punctual’’ is probably the only negative thing you can say about ICON… EVERYTHING else they are doing just fine. Current ICON are totally different from early ICON but you and others still see the negatives that aren’t there. You’re blaming the current price on what ICON are failing to do when it doesn’t correlate anymore.

Some big ICON ICO’s this month - might help with the price action but like Redsteel and many others will say. It’s the market that’s controlling the price. Not ICON.


I still need 2 months to get my current crop payed, so please keep prices down :crazy_face:


Still waiting for the IISS yellow paper :skull_and_crossbones:


ICX fomo day will come. Just stay patient. $250 per is not a far stretch. Anything is possible


There is no hurry, please ICON just continue to be ICON for 3-4 more months. :rofl: :grin:


even if it reaches 250, will you still be holding by then? probably not


Well considering the majority of people in the pub would be sitting on millions, i think a majority will sell a fair portion. But even if it hit 250 i’d still hold some, depending on the landscape in which it was valued at the time of course!

@Manuel_Villarreal why 3 - 4 more months? Have you seen something from the future? :open_mouth:


just keeping it on the safe side lol :joy:


For some reason the pub stopped loading on my phone. I’ve restarted several times and it still won’t work. Is this happening to anyone else?


Just tested the app on my phone (using Android) - no issues. I was able to launch the app without issues.

Tried via my Chrome browser as well - same results.

So, no issues here (at this time). Are you using Android and have you tried to reboot and/or update the app?