ICON [ICX] | The Meta Game



Apparently you can register your own ICONick right now.

Site: https://iconick.portal.network/


Just registered 3 names… unsure if it’ll be approved!


To all those who were part of the QM call last night. You know what’s up with us and icon.

Strong hands will win the game.
To the moon.


Please eloborate Peter? We are loyal subjects to the the cyan green mother ship!

Any juicyness to spread?


Ok so send my ICX tokens to Iconnex wallet instead? @CryptoAutomata?


bro you’re gonna make ICON pump again. Lol




In our Quartermaster call I talked about the deeper relationships with Icon and why it’s clearly a win-win for both Icon and us to work together.

For those who will be in San Francisco for BLockchain week… be on the lookout for Min Kim’s keynote speech…

He’ll have a slide on Yen.io … … …


Awesome…Congrats to you and John, Peter. There’s going to be a lot of (important) people seeing Yen.io for the first time on Monday, 10/8.

You just talked about celebrating small victories on your stream. This is a big one. A celebration is in order. We can celebrate Saturday night with some KBBQ.


5 ICX has randomly appeared in my Binance ICX wallet…

Anyone know of an airdrop or something happening?


That was for last night! Ssssssh :smiling_imp:


I sent those to you as you promised that if I send 5 you will send back 5000. I’m wondering you don’t remember.


I thought I recognised your sister’s ICX address :smiling_imp:

Deposit for a deposit :smirk:


If you send it again I’ll definitely send back 5000 this time!


I don’t trust you anymore.


Soon a dog will appear to call me a scammer… he’s always lurking waiting for the right opportunity to bark!


Nice trades bro :beers:


awesome interview


Exactly your a trader and don’t have the big picture mentality. As statistics have shown on almost any long term hold on the right asset wins.

If you looking for all moves go for it and leave everyone alone.

Statistically you are wrong and seem short sighted.
Stop talking out your ass you idiot world fiat currency is on the way out and all business are ridiculously over valued.
Open your eyes nobby and start loading up.

And yes dca since you obviously have no idea when a buy is a buy

I also no who you are and you got cleaned up by ICX then sold… That balina move :joy:


im still in tether with the fiat i wanted to add to my icx stack. but fomo gets real atm