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ICON - Delaycoin

I get they are trying to make sure everyone has enough time, but man I didnt think they would extend this. They clearly stated multiple times when the 3 months was up, that was IT.


The number of unswapped up to now must be quite significant for ICON to extend this.

1 more month will certainly help some people but for many it won’t make a difference. If they’ve had 3 months to look into this and haven’t then another month extension won’t change their ways.


Anyone reccomend a decent exchange apart from binance that support icx?

Their wallet has been down for almost 10 days now!!

Can’t swing anything and it’s killing me :disappointed_relieved:


I was thinking exactly the same thing, i bet there is a ton of people who haven’t swapped and icon can see this.

I think if people don’t swap by October 25th, the price of icx is going to skyrocket.

Just by basic economics 101


Btc is primarily being held in cold storage, with a small amount in circulation that is providing liquidity eg. Its easier to manipulate, and hell breaks loose if a large whale liquidates. Token swap that burns lots of tokens could create similar situation for icx. Though if the demand isn’t there on the side of retail, it will likely flounder like btc



if anyone wants a read



burn them i say


Does anyone know if the CBOE Etf decision, is still on for 30 September?


I think that’s your own wallet/account. Mines working fine.


As in you can Withdraw and deposit your ICX?


You can still trade bro!


Mine too. Just noticed, even the logos are mixed up. Say’s wallet maintenance, withdrawal and deposits suspended ljksdhajsdglkajsdglg


@Duttydirtz I took my icx of binance, can’t get it back on to trade :disappointed_relieved:


Damn bro you’ve missed a few good chances to lose money through trading! I feel you


This is the official announcement made by the SEC yesterday.

They are asking for more comments and new deadline is believed to be somewhere between Dec and Feb.


I would NOT mind 16% less ICX.

That’d be 16% of the 387 million, right ? That’s almost 62M ICX



I should’ve seen this coming lmao, even delaying the deadline of token swap LOL :joy: :beetconnect::man_shrugging:t2:


Wonder how much will the icx pump this time, lot of sell orders at 1usd.


RIP to everyone who took this advice :coffin: