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Are you saying that mentioning any crypto with any major corporation in a article does not cause FOMO anymore? :cold_sweat:


One of the companies in icon’s tree was developing security software for Samsung. I believe it was chainID. Again something that was never clearly shown how it would possibly interface or interoperate or hyper connect with icx. A company might provide samsung with trash bags for its corporate office. That wouldn’t mean the stock on said trash bags would or should skyrocket.


I still get the FOMO. I want a demonstrstion on how these enterprise use cases will transition to using ICX tokens and not leave me feeling like there is only a behind the scenes fiat :dollar: contract between ICONLOOP and these enterprises. I get that ICON is in its infancy and that connecting through nexus is going to take time. But instead of playing the infancy card I’d like to see what the future state looks like, even if it is years away.


No I agree with you that it can be difficult to see how involved ICON are in many of these projects and where the value is for ICON\ICX.

The Unchain joint venture is another one that is mentioned by ICON but then in other press releases its made out to be Line’s project and Icon dont get a mention.


woops posted a BTC chart on the wrong topic sry :sweat_smile:


This seems to be big news!

Particularly, Cosmochain signed a partnership with Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary, ‘Ground X’, showing the possibility of providing its service under the label, ‘Kakao Beauty’.

Based on the news about MOU between Cosmochain and ICON, experts have a high expectation on the beauty DApp service, which will work with both LINE and Kakao Talk.


Somewhat off topic, but I’m so annoyed with the new Coinbase process where they lock your ability to transfer coins for up to 6 days until your ACH goes through. Bought some ETH to buy QNT and now I’m missing out on a little moon. :rage:


At least you can spend as much as you want. In Korea, I’m legally unable to buy crypto and must therefore go through my wife, who having no job, is limited to $300 a month.



What a joke that is. Come to the UK, great over here…most of the time :sweat_smile:


Normal debit card won’t lock you for 6days that’s how i buy coins when they go down in price and immediately transfer it to binance. :saitama:


Some encouraging news circulating about ICON, it’s honestly great to see. Brick by brick, wall by wall we will all have our icon fortunes one day. I believe in that so much.

The overall market is in a right state yes, granted. But we’ll be back with bang. Hold the line my icon warriors, the war will be won!



I have stopped using coinbase, mainly through my bank not cooperating with them at all. Some good alternatives out there now though man.


I honestly am getting the feeling that ICON/ICONLOOP is being groomed to take over Korea. It seems like the government is very interested in getting set up to run as much as possible on blockchain and ICON is the platform of choice.

Many of the applications obviously will not involve the ICX token directly but many will clearly need to utilize tokens/coins. The Korean government seems to be looking to make massive changes to how their society works. They want to be the first to embrace and flourish thanks to this technology.

Once Korea’s economy and society run far more efficiently, other countries will not be able to ignore the advantages. Every nation will begin work on an ICON like blockchain to run their systems in order to not get left in the dust.

Off topic but a similar concept is genetic engineering. Once one nation begins using genetic engineering to make its population superior to the general population of the world, other nations will have no choice but to begin using that technology simply to keep up with the competitive advantages it offers. Smarter, stronger, healthier, emotionally stable humans will massively out compete “normies” where only the top 5% have the same attributes.


Yeah, I just found out about that a few hours ago. Thanks for the heads up. Pretty ridiculous considering everything moves at the speed of light.


That last bit, about the genetic engineered folks out-competing the “un-enhanced” (AI plays a part as well); yes I unequivocally agree this will happen - my only hope is that we can somehow along with our advancement foster an environment of inclusivity in tech and finance, instead of using it, as has mostly been to this point, to further enhance our differences, and inevitably draw us further apart. Probably wishful thinking for society on my end, but we will need to think in the networks and systems based on “communities”, as in the case of ICON, for this to work for us, and not be our ultimate unwinding.


"we will need to think in the networks and systems based on “communities”.

I really hope I’m smart enough as a developer to create meaning in this space. Never succeeded in a “business” before but learning everything I can to contribute as an iOS developer. I’m on board with believing this tech will reconstruct how society operates fundamentally.


The Idea of Market Networks will probably be one of the biggest opportunities.
Marketplace + Social Networking. IDK but peters yen.io makes me speculate it’ll be positioned as such?


Damn. Thas a big number.

Tim Draper Predicts 80 trillion dollar market cap in 15 years


ICON’s ICONLOOP to Partner with South Korean Government on Pilot Blockchain Project


need info in how ICX tokens will be used