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So, what you’re saying is that ICON literally wants to take over the world. Korea will pave the way for the rest of the world to see.

Borat Voice: NIIIIIIICE :icx:


Slow upward growth isn’t bad.


You need to come back to the present and stop posting future ICX prices :pdealwithit: .


Probably anyone can become a P-rep. The question is what will be the benefits and how does one develop a high IISS score? This is starting to sound a bit like that social currency episode of Black Mirror. :rofl: Give me likes, Give me!! I need a high social standing to get better staking!!

Have they released any info on when staking will begin and where my tokens need to be? They only have a chrome extension wallet currently right? No super official one like NEON yet?


Why is the ICX price on coinpuffs stuck at $2.12?


Yah I’d pull out my capital fam.


No details yet on IISS. That paper will be out soon. I think it will cause a bigger candle than today’s one for sure.

I think I heard about a desktop wallet but not sure maybe just the chrome and phone apps for now.

ICONex is better than the NEON wallet :wink:


Today’s bump seems to be just the result of a market wide increase. In fact ICX has gone down in rankings. All the way down to #37, WTF?? I shake my head at the market.

So many shitcoins above ICX now. Pathetic


NEO once dwelled in the low 40’s rank :man_shrugging:t2:


I agree it is very strange why the market behaves the way it does.

Rankings you cant view as anything meaningful because if you look at trade volumes you’ll see how off it all is. A coin like Maker is above ICX but only has 115k of trade volume compared to the 24M of ICX.


buy more now or wait for etf delay :thinking:



Which ETF is supposed to be up for grabs now?

There are several in the pipeline.


idk im not much into the etf thing but on 30th there seems to be the “important” one


Yeah thats the one i was talking about…or trying to :grin:


A thing that confused me a little is Min saying they have been talkng with more than 50 dapp creators but they are super selective about which dapp to launch to ensure they can work tightly and adept to changes quickly. So if they already have more interest than they have resources to handle… then why these acceleration launch pads? Just mass adoption in general?



I thought this was one of ICON’s projects, am I wrong or are they doing it in partnership with Samsung ?



yeah I’m confused about this too. here’s the Icon’s announcement : https://medium.com/helloiconworld/loopchain-technology-to-be-applied-to-import-customs-clearance-procedure-for-the-korea-customs-9a7572b3c484


I’d like to see examples / demonstrations of how these loopchain use cases will increase the demand and usage of ICX tokens.