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That’s it? If ICX hits $20 I’m buying a freaking lake house with a dock.


i dont have that much icx xD
but yea i would only pull out a little amount at 20$.


I will have about 15 garage in the city and rent a lakehouse when I need :slight_smile:


I don’t know what this means. Are you talking about owning parking garages where people pay to park?

But yeah, I do live in the city and there’s lakes houses less than a mile away from me. Very nice area.



Im reading away. What are you guys thoughts?


Confused as hell with the introduction, feels like i need a PhD in philosophy…


I’ve skipped that, it was like a novel - I get that they are trying to set the scene


I don’t get it. Big release. Where are the red candles?!


Governance part reminds me of the european union, which i suppose have been quite succesful, except some of the supranational decisions i guess


My average buy in is still so high 2.37. I will go down with this ship… or jump off at the 5th opportunity


Can someone break this down for me? I’m more interested in the IISS Yellow Paper really


Actually surprised ICX didn’t dump on this. Still no deets on IISS…coming soon. :youdontsay:



We’re fucked


I think the bitcoin pub should become a c rep on the network. Send me your coins everyone :v:

:beetconnect:scammer alert


Gotta buy in at all these discount prices


I know that this sounds like a lot of philosophical “mumbo jumbo”, so I’ll break it down for those that don’t understand.

TLDR: ICON wants to pave the way to a new type of society in a decentralized manner utilizing blockchain technology. Think of today’s internet without all of the centralization, censorship, and trust woes.

They want to Capitalize societies connecting with others, being self-governed, and freedom to choose how/where to work. It’s like Satoshi’s vision, but on a much more broad and robust scale.

If ICON can pull this off, you’ll be going much further than the moon as a long-term investor.


Have a read of this to understand more about P Reps. Many of us can become P Reps!

I believe this will better your IISS giving you a higher return on your staking.

Who’s in?


I noticed this as well. Would love to see the pub come together and become a big part of ICON’s network.


It would be so wrong if we didn’t do something as a collective. We are surely one of if not the biggest ICON community outside around?

I’m up for something as a group. We can make a difference!