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Has @peter shared recent update on ICX recently to hear his views on price / what the future holds?


Whats up everyone? How is everyone?


He has given some updates on conversation with min, but not on price. It’s always meta with Peter which I really like. Price fluctuation can’t really be determined. I believe in the project. He believes in the project. Some do, some don’t. You need to decide for yourself. I will continue to fill my bags. It doesn’t mean shit but I still think (as I said a few days ago) we will see $0.30. However, I really believe in it long term and could give two fucks about current price. You make the decision for you.


What’s up buddy. All is good here. How are you?? Good stuff on the horizon.


Since a lot of you not on our discord.

Here you go!

Package confirmed.



Never seem to make discord often. But…yoooooooooo


lol if we’re not on Discord, then… package of what? We need context good sir! :sunglasses:


What is that @peter
d jkjkrgdf


Hey perverts. Stop looking at peters package.


All shall be revealed! I’m not opening it until live stream!


"A Korean man walked into the currency exchange in New York City with 200,000 Korean won and walked out with $200. The following week, he walked in with another 200,000 Korean won, and was handed $185. He asked the teller why he got less money that week than the previous week. The teller said, “Fluctuations.” The Korean man stormed out, and just before slamming the door, turned around and shouted, "Fluc you Amelicans, too”



When is live steram? Hope its tonight?


tonight is product night. we built.


You get an ICON T-shirt, and you get an ICON T-shirt…

I think I deserve at least one for each day of the week with my heavy, underwater bags!


keep us updated about those packages :smiley: im not able to watch streams…


10 bucks says its just t-shirts and random ICON accessories like coffee mugs, hats, etc etc…


I call first dibs on a hodie. Large. :wink:


def need to get me an icon hoodie!

i just choose me a little present when icon reaches my 1st goal of 20$ some time… the original collectors game box of world of warcraft vanilla and tbc. the vanilla one alone cost about 2000€ already x_x