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Just did my last buy of icx… Now I can forget a little bit about this world and come back in january and hopefully see 4$ Icx. I will be be veeeery happy
Was a pleasure buy the dip with you guys


EOY price predictions have somewhat changed lol :rofl::beetconnect:


Do a poll man - lowest is zero and highest is $20.

Make a public :wink:


I bought a bucketload of Icon at a dollar and when it got to 0.97cents I got the hell out. I’m wondering when shall I put a toe back in the water… Ummmm… Decisions…


Still sticking to 25.

…cents or dollars?


25 cents EOY 2018
25 dollars EOY 2019

Not financial advice, DYOR, I don’t know what I just said.


$6.52 EOY. I did a bunch of Fibonacci shit, ichimoku cloud, bollinger bands, etc… that and pulling numbers out of my ass.


I’ll mortgage my house right now and go ALL IN since I trust a random guy over the internet who just shilled ICX with a good price prediction and seems to know what he is talking about :beetconnect:


I’ve already mortgaged my house. Wha’d am I gunna dooooo!??


double mortgage !

Go big or go home ! … oh wait :beetconnect::thinking:



First morning in awhile that I didn’t wake up to any new posts. We must be near the bottom! gulp…


Think most people have had their internet cut off



@peter are you going to this Captain?


Tell me about it. My morning routine is all messed up.

I guess I should learn trading in the mean time.


Thank you Brett. Super cool profile pic my man. Stay bessed


All of the interactions between bettors and the ZenSports app are anticipated to be handled through smart contracts built on ICON’sblockchain, so as to further prevent any centralized party from accessing betting funds or doing anything nefarious with those funds. All transactions are anticipated to be recorded on ICON’s blockchain, which has been known to be fair and verifiable. This aims to give bettors a cheaper, faster, and more trustworthy process for wagering on sports than traditional online sportsbooks offer.

We anticipate ZenSports to be viewed as a fair brand that all sports bettors can trust because we can’t be in the middle of a transaction even if we wanted to, and all transactions are verifiable on the blockchain.

ZenSports plans on integrating cryptocurrencies and smart contracts into its app by Q1 2019. In the meantime, we’re offering the ability for users to deposit funds via credit card, wire transfer, or cashier’s check.


Bro just to clarify I don’t need ETH in MEW? I currently have 0 balance In MEW but $11 in ICONEX


I’ve spent all I am comfortable with icx… Time to HodL my icx till North korea attacks South korea and the world will end with with a nuclear holocaust…


But I will still be around…