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“They basically said they have nothing but are working on it.”


DId you watch the video?

They have nothing tangible to announce yet, their words not mine. Let the hate ensue lol


ICONLOOP is focusing on the customer’s needs first and working backwards to the technology. I think of it as they are building networks for the customers (who will become network participants/c reps) to use in the future that will provide the clients significant value compared to their current operations. As of now there’s really not much use for the ICX tokens for this purpose as the network is still in development/infancy phase. But their clients use cases are what give me confidence as an investor. I look at most blockchain projects and see a lot of the “build it and they will come” mentality. But the truth is most of the enterprise world doesn’t give a shit how many TPS a blockchain can can process. Most of the corporate world doesn’t even have a clue how they are going to integrate blockchain into their businesses.

ICONLOOP is focused on delivering value to their customers by working with them to develop their networks. That will in turn lead to connecting these clients to the ICON nexus where they will transact with the parties that they regularly conduct their business with through ICX tokens.


They said they have nothing to say but you implied they have nothing.


what does tangible mean? im not hating man just my opinion of why i have yet to put money in this project. If i would have invested when you guys had an all in on icon club going i would have lost 90% of my btc. I dont know jack though and hope this takes you guys to the moon. Im just waiting for something tangible and not totally dissing icon.


just if you haven’t seen this post.


another old one but a good view on the comp


Nah I get what you’re man but trust me ICON are so much closer to wide adoption than 90% of Crypto projects. Probably a higher percentage but I’ll stay Conservative.

You’re right though, once we hear some concrete confirmations from ICON then all we can do now is speculate on how it all fits together.

ICON don’t wanna do a Tron and announce things just for the sake of it.


yes i saw that. Lots of potential for sure with this. just patiently waiting for right moment and a reason to invest my hard earned money.

I also saw this when icon first popped up in the pub.

Id say that hype cycle peter referred to is about over :wink:


well i think most of us have been doing that all along mate

but if your here for the long term that “swing” means shit


Although the details of how this will impact ICX tokens usage have yet to be revealed, there is a pilot insurance claiming platform happening this month (Sept2018) which if successful is going to be expanded to all kybo life insurance customers across South Korea beginning as early as October 2018.


what do you mean impact usage? what is this bad news I am missing?


I mean the details haven’t been released on how/if ICX tokens are being used in this program.


Oh good just making sure I wasn’t missing something interesting :grin:

I do get excited when we get bad news with icon or one of my coins

some people just never learn when your supposed to load up :pray:


I keep looking at that chart Lance and just screams BUY!!!


We all thank you for posting a 9 month old article that includes ICON.



trade with my full icx bag is the most stressful feeling ever… but when the blood is running…


The author made that article in Jan. He said 7 scam coins but only one article was written mentioning 1 coin.

Only 8 claps.

Hes only written that one article ever, which was at ATH.

Lol you sure did some research there!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.


Since they are buying back 5 million Icon. They know they have something thats gonna blow up the space. (In a good way)

That shows how confident they are on their work.

Just you wait.

The more you doubt them, the more surprises are on the horizen.

Its gonna happen when all the weak hands sell and fudders BTFO.


They announced that when ETH was > $300 and if they were holding ETH from ICO they had surplus funds, not the case now.