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Guaranteed returns right there


Guaranteed prison scentence too :joy:


For those who may have been stock piling GAS and HODLING NEO through this winter. It looks like a pretty good time to trade GAS for ICX!


How about the gas to neo ratio over this past year. That’s gotta be something to behold.


Who’s buying at these prices and who thinks it’ll go lower so are waiting for a better entry?

I’ve been in tether for longer than any other time since I bought into the ICON presale… But I’m about to go back in.


I bought $1k on Tuesday for $0.25. No regrets…yet.


I’m waiting…I could be wrong


I’m waiting until bitcoin fall below $3K. Probably layer buys starting at $2.8K.


I suppose the question for the guys that are waiting for lower entries…

What if it never comes? If we the next bounce takes us to 100% increase? Would you feel frustrated at waiting for sub 3k when you’ve missed out?

Btw for those that haven’t been around. I’ve been talking this “what if bull run” scenario literally all of 2018 and it never came… But that next rally though :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I hear ya as it would be very frustrating if it had a large bounce. My rational is that based on TA it doesn’t appear we’re near the bottom yet. I don’t anticipate me hitting the exact bottom, but feel like $0.15 ICX is going to happen.

I’m wondering more about the normal sell off that takes place in late January…


I don’t think that word applies anymore. It could be reversed. We might moon in Jan instead?

Sometimes I feel like it could take a lot longer than I expect but as long as I’m happy with my entry and eventual exit at my preferred timescale then I’m fine with it


Very true! I missed the ICO so I’m loving these bargains.


bargains … I’ve been hearing that since it was sub $2 :disappointed_relieved:


Bargain is subjective I suppose… I still remember buying my mum a stack at $8 thinking I was a nice son for bringing her into this space. We can only judge based on how we interpret the information we have at that time.

Bad decision? Yes, obviously! Regret it? No, at the time I felt okay about it.


Who thought they’d be a millionaire from Crypto by now?

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  • No

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So, BTC is strongly tied to Austrian Economics. And the way the chart looks, we are due for a huge drop, would you say, “reader who understands Austrian Economics”? I mean, BIG drop–like, BTC has been in a constant bull market, with relatively small pullbacks considering the growth rate. Are we facing the beginnings of the first major trough? Curious, since ICO’s in general would stand a hard time surviving. Even Da Hong Fei said it is already tough for NEO.
Chart being BLXUSD


This is why DCA is important. But also be smart about it. You don’t need to be throwing a lot of money into a downtrend every week. Some preach DCA like it’s a religion and try to shame anyone who quits (or pauses) DCA. Whatever. I have decided to do whatever I want and don’t care to follow anyone else’s strategy ever again. I’ve learned more than enough being in the better part of the bull market and better part of the bear market to decide what I will do better in the future. My money, my goals, my successes, my failures. I own them all.


That’s the key. Do what you want, and do it big. I know it’s cliche, but you really do live in this life once, so make it happen.


Alright it’s almost 2019. What are your EOY predictions for next year (2019). We already know 2018 was a bad dream.

My shot in the dark, based on absolutely no scientific reasoning or charting: $19