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If btc goes to 200usd im gonna sell my organs.



And the organs comment. Lol clockwork


oh c’mon guys, you should know by now i’m clowning half the time. I’ll try to use less salt.



I’m really trying not to FOMO in at these low prices…I need to go watch Bloomberg and put some water on this fire.


I like my black-humorous crypto coments like my fries … extra salty

:saltbae: :salt:


Haha yeah i hear you, to be honest though these prices are still notebale if you believe in where we could be 5 years from now.

24c or 15c does make a difference of course it does but does it really make a difference if in the years to come it does a 50x lets say… to me that’s just greed talking.

Entry points are important but if you play that game trying to find the ultimate entry point/bottom we all know what’s likely to happen.

Personally I’m just swing trading at the minute, keeping it safe getting in and out pretty quickly. Lots of volatility to work with but of course at these levels, it’s easy to get rekt is say


Still my favorite. When I’m feeling down while the market takes a dump, I see this picture and it cheers me up. :wink:


The reverse is true in the short term though. It is greedy to buy now thinking it’s going to 50x . It’s greedy to wait for a further correction to buy as well? Can’t win

I’m surprised ICX hasn’t dipped closer/below ICO price. Lots of hodlers here keeping it afloat.


I’m still pumping fiat into ICX. Sure it may still go lower, but I think ultimately, I’m banking on things returning to “normal” even if that takes some time. Plus, I’m still lowering my average icx purchase price, so that still feels good (even if it means losing more money.)

We need some big fish to start throwing $10k into projects like ICX and posting them on Youtube. Let’s kickstart the Bulls into action!



I was told there would be technology and lambos where they at?


Some will continue to double down on their bad decisions. :pdealwithit:


Not when Lambo? When Yugo?


They were left on the table months ago.


I’ve learned a lot from bad decisions. I could be a genius. Truthfully I have learned a lot this year…like bear markets and bull markets come in cycles and patience. Oh my I have learned patience…


I could only afford this with my ICX.


i wish i was even that far in the green


Aww hell, you’re doing better than me.