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I hope it goes to 10 cents too… Praying for it. It’ll help many of the true believers get that chance the pre salers got.


If it went from ten cents to past its ATH I’ll probably not have time for the pub whilst I’m doing lines off prozzies tits on my new yacht :joy::joy:


And if it doesn’t al just go join the spice heads, so either way it’s a win win


How does ICX go to zero? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


the same way it goes from 13 dollars to 20 cents, only it goes from 20 cents to zero

ask smarter questions


Who’s selling at zero?

You know it can only go to zero if people sell at zero.


Just want to let everyone know here, that the Ledger Nano S is on 50% discount directly from Ledger!

Since native ICX can be stored on the LNS, it is worth mentioning it here !



£44 nice, so they normally retail at £88 then no?


yes! And to be honest I’d only buy directly from ledger.com


Beetconnect was still trading even when the scam was confirmed and it was on one tiny exchange.


You think people are sour now just wait until BTC paints a dirty green candle for the people wanting to buy $3K.


This is by far the douchiest thing I’ve ever read in the pub. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?

No offense to the bears, but I’d much rather be wrong than be on this whole “I told you so train”. The Pub used to be a place where we all worked together to find great projects and grow along with the tech. Now it’s just a cesspool where insensitive bears take pleasure in watching the rest of the community lose money.


Oh come on Nathan lol it was clearly a joke(directed only to dutty), how can you not see that?!?

I take no pleasure in others losing money, and quite frankly i find it rude you suggest i do.

honestly surprised by your response.

I have had several members here PM me asking for help, and i have taken the time to help each one.


It came across as an obvious cheap shot. To the one delivering, it’s a joke. To the one receiving… it’s not so funny.

As for the second part of my post, that actually wasn’t directed at you, so my apologies for not making that clear.


lol I knew when writing that it was a sly joke, but come on you expected me to respond nicely to this?

I just feel for Dutty having to go through the pain of experiencing genital warts, be carful with the boys you pick up in the future mate ^.^


Aha good one. Very funny.

I’m not gonna retaliate!

But If you want my comeback, you’ll have to scrape it off your mother’s teeth.


lol this is the sort of banter i came to the pub for, love it!!

i think we have a love hate relationship and that’s cool, now let get back on topic to ICX baby :kissing_heart:


Ok but how do you sell something at 0? Lmao. Respond with smarter answers :joy::rofl::laughing:


Ok ok ok.
The long hodl beats all anyway.

Let’s be ICX strong… whatever that means.


@Danosaurs @Duttydirtz @Manuel_Villarreal and whomever is arguing.

I would suggest if there is no positive thought that comes to mind, then maybe think of one and post that ;-). We should try and be decent to all here whatever has happened in the past. I can put up my worst trade and put everyone to shame here for sure!! So if you want to tell me how bad I am! I have wide shoulders!!! :slight_smile:

Lets make this community positive energetic and empowered.

End of Rant :wink: