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ICON should give rewards out to die hard HODLERS that held thru this bear market.


nice idea bud… I would suggest get ready to be able to pick up coin at sub 0.15c … its going that way…

Currently there is minor corrections happening and the overall trend is down. so get that fiat ready.



ohhhh im waiting for the next leg down.


YEa, i wish they would at the least, bump up the staking rewards for the risky early adopters :stuck_out_tongue:


now their is an idea.


you aint out yet big boy


We are clearly mooning…


yes absolutley mooning… :smiley:

p.s. i am stull buying thou…


are we fcking mooning?! :scream::ghost::scream_cat:


Not yet haha probably a trap


Nope sorry guys this ones on me. I dropped half my icx into USDT expecting the next drop when I thought the correction was over… and as always… if i do ANYTHING some fker is watching me with binoculars to make sure the opposite happens.


It is God. Doesn’t like that you sell $ICX for shitcoin. At least you would buy $BTC.


When it comes to buying ICX on binance i normally buy BTC to then buy the ICX. Should i be using ETH for this instead?


I use ETH simply because Coinbase is my on ramp.

If I buy BTC and send it to Binance it takes over an hour. If I buy ETH and send it to Binance it usually takes appx 5-10 mins.

I typically buy BTC for BTC and ETH for my alts (same process, same reason as ICX).


A small portfolio of alts that I built in recent weeks was 25% down yesterday. Break even today. No idea where it will be tomorrow.


I buy litecoin, i think it is faster and cheaper to send than ETH


An excellent idea.

My only issue with this is that LTC has very few pairs on the exchanges. With this method, do you buy LTC, send it to exchange, sell it for ETH or BTC, then trade it for the alt you’re looking to buy?


Nice buy order:



Wish i had that kind of money to play with


fess up @Duttydirtz!