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Not sure if this was satire or seriousness hahaha. Either way, its bad lol


Its called being in a bear market there buddy


That beetcoin correlation tho…


No, rampant speculation and market manipulation drove it to $12.50… A massive bear market brought it down to 50cents.

Fundamentals have thus far played little role in the price of ICX. Fundamentals haven’t had much of a role so far but they will definitely begin to play a huge role when institutional investors start entering these markets with actual due diligence.

Short term trading values hype, long term investing values an actually good project.


Shows the measure of the man I suppose, zero rebuttal of the accusations made which where swiftly proven to be incorrect.


Personally Peter, I don’t think Min knows hardly anything about the technology of ICON. I don’t think Min knows very much about neither the tech, or the inner workings of his own company aside from what he is tasked to do in San fran. Which is go to meetings, and try to spread the word. Of course that is his job, but he is not the CEO of ICON, nor ICONLOOP. He is merely a member of ICON.

With that being said, if postpone every key thing for a year or more, it wont be until 2025 when ICON actually gains any traction. ICON does not care about its token holders, and over this past year and tbh ever since their inception, have failed on nearly every single occasion to meet the communities expectations or standards.

Point being, in the next bull run (whenever that will be), there will be many coins and tokens that do far better multiples than ICX does. You asking “how long are you willing to hodl for the moon” is the exact same reason a multitude of people have lost nearly everything. That is literally the definition of bagholding.

Sure, maybe ICON is a winner. But by every single development they have made, I don’t think thats the case.

It took them a full year to make a multi-sig wallet, the DEX as promised back in december of 2017 is not even talked about anymore. Staking implementation is light years away, and the community has given up hope on that. Not only has staking been postponed for a year, the instruction manual has been postoponed for 7 months on it too.

ICON no longer has a roadmap, or cares to even communicate about it.

Tell me Peter, what a business, without a business plan? I get they worked on LINE’s blockchain, and all that jazz. Cool.
But they didnt raise a whopping 45m dollars to work on LINE’s blockchain…

or did they?


Tell me, what product do they have? OR do they have a product that they have promised but have continually failed to deliver?


seems some pleople really did invest more of what they are comfortable to loose or hurted by depreciation …

And as Mr. Ninja Lee said, if you cant handle a 90% drop … DONT BUY ! :man_shrugging:t2:


Everything I can say in response to your comments is simply this:

  • It always takes longer than you think to build a world-class-organization with a world-class product.

Example: US. (ME).

I have failed spectacularly many times since entering the crypto space and most of them are documented!

Follow me for a while, and you’ll see how complex and convoluted the business game is. And how failure, is part of the innovation process.

Did you know we failed at delivering a product to our users earlier this year?

Did you know that we pivoted our product multiple times? Frustrated our users, and even had many leave?

I’m probably worse than Min in all the areas you picked. I’ll take some arrows to the knee.


I wholeheartedly agree Peter. Growing a business and making a good product is EXTREMELY hard. Failing is part of the process in order to get better. Many deals, many people, many strings, and many games to be played. Much like politics.

ICON’s problem is not their desire, but the inability to capture and implement it. Whats a whitepaper, if you cant deliver it? What would satoshi think?

Why does ICON even need a public chain if they aim to connect private blockchains, and only work with private businesses on their client-side blockchains? Why did ICON (and Min) say they would develop and release things (and Min even saying technology is over-rated, and could be perceived as him saying its easy to make tech), when they couldnt release the things they promised, within the time frame they gave?

Many people who know things about crypto all know that ICON has turned into a meme in regards to developing things and releasing things on time, and their communication regarding so. ICON has turned into a joke. Not because its a bear market, not because all of crypto has gone down. Because there are PLENTY of projects in which are still developing and are still highly respected, but sadly, ICON is not one of them anymore.


SOOO… You apparently haven’t ready anything about ICON in the past 3 months? Sorry to destroy your absurd and infantile argument but ICON is working hand in hand with the Korean Government, Samsung, Financial Giants, Hospitals and Universities. If your brain can’t comprehend the implications of that then I just don’t know what to say.

We have apps being demonstrated that are directly related to the Korean Government. Voting, ID Verification, etc… If you can’t understand the implications of these things then you are truly lost. Go chase XRP, XVG or TRX or whatever garbage you like best this week…


I’ve kept up with ICON closer than 99% of crypto. trust me. I know about ALL of that stuff mate.


I’ve read your post from July the 12th and all is clear now. Sorry for your losses mate but people really need to start taking responsibility for they’re decisions and never invest more than they can afford to lose, especially when going balls deep based on someone else’s opinion. Hopefully you’ve learned from your mistakes and profit from it in the future :v:


Then you would know that ICON is poised to be one of the most dominant coins out there. Most projects are working against the government or at best have governments that are apathetic towards crypto. ICON is actually working with their government and their government actually wants crypto to succeed and flourish.

Other projects are facing an uphill battle when it comes to government regulations and adoption. Korea truly wants to be ran on crypto and ICON is quite clearly being groomed to be the blockchain of choice over there.

Korea is a country with extremely concentrated pockets of wealth, power and influence. The amount of GDP that Samsung is responsible for is ridiculous(17%). ICON is being groomed to be the next Samsung, Korea is not playing around, they want to dominate crypto in the coming decades and are willing to invest in it while other nations are hesitant or even resistant.


I think the criticism is fair regarding a lot of what you said - I do like to hear opposing viewpoints/devil’s advocate to attempt to falsify my own stance.

My only contribution to this back and forth debate would be:

By taking a holistic viewpoint of crypto, knowing the positioning of ICON and how they are navigating as time progresses, would be satisfactory enough to state their delays are acceptable.

My opinion is Crypto is a 100+ year game (can think whatever about this statement)
if 1% is 1 year, 2018 - another 1% 2019.
If they want to get it right these first few years I would assume the timeframe they are working with would enable them to have these experiences factored in.

The depth of penetration they have already is what keeps me confident with respect to government support and cooperating businesses. It’s a lot different then a random group creating a token.

Again - to me it’s more important to take a holistic viewpoint & identify ICON’s positioning. To me ICON would still rank amongst the top in this respect.

Just my take.

P.S. Looking at all of human history, I would still say Bitcoin is the only entity to have “proven” & is still “proving” itself until proven wrong out of all 1500+ cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. All others have a lottttttttttttt to endure before anyone can be confident about any “business development” in this realm. W/ ICON we are simply conducting research and assigning it a probability of success due to what we understand. No different than any other cryptocurrency.

Some view this environment as Winner take all. i.e. Bitcoin Maximalism w/ the ‘moon’ being hundreds of trillions of dollars.

Some take the viewpoint, that in this world, their are enough resources for many winners to coexist.

I’m mumbling. Hopefully I added something tangible to this lol.


Fuck it. Deleted what I wanted to say.

You go on with your bad self :hodl: bitches


And I’m trying to come across as neutral, not biased. I’m confident in ICON succeeding, but really try to not be delusional. Which is why I added that the argument still exists whether or not the environment is winners take all or will many co-exist. (BTC) vs. (BTC+Alts) vs. (Gov’tAlts) vs. (cycling back in history to trading seashells)

At the end of it all - we just are all trying to reach a state of financial freedom together.
I’m not really interested in throwing dumb arguments out there, but genuinely want to add to the discussion thoughtfully.

This crypto stuff has the potential to be bigger than a lot can actually comprehend in my opinion… But will it be one currency to swallow the value of them all, with Bitcoin being the most probable [at this point in time], or others coins.

This stuff is fun to talk about :stuck_out_tongue:
But back to reading Mastering Bitcoin…


Appreciate you guys adding to the conversation.

We’ll let time take this one.

I can tell you this… I hope that (our) product is out the door before Icon get’s too crazy! … or not… but we’ll deliver. Check our git roadmap :slight_smile:


“When in doubt - Zoom out”


Can a moderator please move this Peter character’s Yen posts to a Yen thread. He’s off topic. :wink:

All jokes aside, there’s some good discussion here recently. I’m seeing a huge shift in the general sentiment from a few months ago. Hopefully that’s an indication that we’re through the worst of it, and ready to start moving forward again. :muscle: