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@johnnytturbo @airbaker Opportunity cost. It would be simpler if we had infinite capital.


Be careful out there buddies


80% down, no sweat. *** h—h---e—l–p


Had to sell my left liver to stay in the green :beetconnect:




Most of the answers are those that we already know. The biggest, notable take way from the video was that they currently have 130 employees at the moment. There’s some funny moments in the video if you have the spare time to watch though :slight_smile: .


Isnt it interesting how the troll never liked this?


Yet another poorly timed update by the ICON team. Pretty sure they’re 6 for 6 this year on releasing bullish info as the market takes a hit. :rofl:


The market has been on a down trend since late January, how have they timed it poorly? :beetconnect::man_shrugging:t2::chart_with_downwards_trend:


Not sure if you’ve noticed, but during that down trend there have been periods of consolidation, and even a few decent bounces. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Either way, I was kidding.:wink:


Is it the last shake off going on before moon? :sweat_smile::rocket:


Pretty frustrating since ICON has been silent for the entire stable period. ICX even had a decent bullish set up over the past week for some gains. I’m still short on my trade so it’s good to see bitcoin finally move out of this boring range. :drevil:


Perfectly moving within the triangle :cheese::triangular_ruler:


Waiting to see how price behaves on this support of higher lows. ICX/USDT

BTC/USD RSI already in oversold territory on 4hr which is expected with this large move relative to the recent stability in price.


From 15 to 130 employees! I’d say that’s astronomical growth!!

She’s adorable, they definitely know my soft spot. What were they convincing her to say at the end??
Sounded like ICONNEEEEECT!???




I’m finally flush with fiat, I’m ready to slam into icx. Before doing so, anyone see more trouble around the bend? I already like the drop to low .60s


Yoooo. Zensports has a 40 million icx harcap.


WOW…shots fired!



Green here. Bought at ICO.