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Yes, QNT, right? It can fall through the floor just as fast, stay on the right side of the trade. Easier said then done on those crappy exchanges.


When IISS yellow paper? Swap has happened…

I was told there’d be mooning! @Duttydirtz told me so :sob::sob::sob:

:hodl: :cry:


I’m ready for mooning and staking… What gives?


Maybe for once, ICON are trying to time it right… I’m sure 90% of their announcements have come at the worse possible time


I know I’m going to regret saying this, but…


Now watch everything go to hell. :sweat_smile:


Off topic.

you seen that crash at the king power @Duttydirtz


Well if you had made that football thread we’d have a home for our chats :wink:

I’ll answer on that thread!


I’d say I get busy at work but once my jobs on I sit on my arse. I just forgot :joy: on it now



Ah, gotcha. Wasn’t sure what you were getting at. Yes, its pumping because of a rumor of a soon-to-be Binance listing. We’ll see…



I want to watch this, but don’t have a spare hour. Anyone have the TL;DR or a time stamp of anything new or important?


It was overall a really good interview.

Markus and Henry are calm, confident, and really competent.

My Takeaway:

  • In depth Interoperability documentation to be provided to the public soon
  • Partnerships between ICON and the companies we’ve all heard of have good things going on behind the scenes. Not worried about Lines own blockchain.
  • If you are a developer, make sure to seek for guidance with ICON as they are supportive in building out the community
  • Still looking for clarity regarding gov’t regulation.
  • Confident that ICON has good positioning to remain dominant player of crypto/tokenizing businesses in SK


ok i am curious how many ICX holders are in green at the moment with the DCA strategy?. If i get 5 people who are currently in green i will surrender to the ICX shitcoin. But do not count Pete because we all know he has a partnership with ICX so he is obviously in green x 10.


I bought BTC around $2,500 in July,17’ and swapped it for ICX the second day it was on Binance. BTC was about $15,000 at the time with ICX around $2.50.

so, $2,500 --> 1 BTC($15K) --> 6,000 ICX = 41 cent ICX = Above water

Also bought LTC for $40 during China FUD and traded it for ICX at $1 when LTC was $75 in Aug, 18’

So $40 --> 1 LTC($75) --> 75 ICX = 53 cent ICX = Above Water

I also purchased a grip of NEO during the China FUD which has generated about 50 GAS for me.
I traded that FREE GAS for ICX at various prices.

$0 --> 50 GAS --> ~350 ICX = FREE ICX = Above Water

I also purchased ICX with fresh cash at exactly 50 cents this August. That is obviously above water.


Being in green at the moment only matters if you are willing to sell right now.


I put a pause on DCA strategy earlier in the year when I accepted that more downside was likely to come to the crypto markets. I am not planning on buying more crypto until 2019. I am in the red on my ICX by about 20% compared to my initial capital. There’s well more than 5 people who are still in the green as many in the pub were ICO participants. And I’m sure there are many in the green who are profitable traders on the coin. DCA for the past 9 months has certainly been a painful process, but still not a failure. Though it might take quite some time to get back in the green.


I’m also in the green. I sold 20% of my holding at above $10, so I’m in the green even if icx goes to zero.


.I’m not in the green, down 40% in my initial Bitcoin. Maybe down around 10% in fiat. Break even point at $1.20.

Not too worried for now, it doesn’t have to rise far for me to be in the green.


That moment when you realise you should’ve asked for more than 5.