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Not the best way to keep current price…


I don’t think they care about the current price - I wouldn’t.

Too early bruv.


new ICX on the market …

DUMP THEM :bogged:



He sold??? Puuuump eeet


@ilya Has been suspended for a while, so let’s continue to discuss ICON’s amazing developments within these past months. Thanks!


Thank you Matt. You did the right thing


Their next incarnation will be a source of entertainment shortly.


Thanks for sharing that. We don’t usually get that kind of nice explanation so quickly, even if it’s something that should have been expected.


Wonder what this will look like In year 2020.


Personal opinion: I see the peek on the chart looking like the flat part.


Yeah. I remember this. I was presale so I got my bonus, I remember the private sale had a bonus as well and would get it later. I guess its fair enough, it was discussed long ago. I guess ppl forgot about it.


hey guys thought i’d drop by, been a while. been holding since 20-Dec 2017. I set myself a calendar reminder to come back 20-Dec 2018. How are things?


Where are your coins stored?
Swap happened #sinceyoubeengone


One of the reasons why I didn’t respond to this “issue.” It seemed like FUD that was blown way out of proportion, and their recent developments should confirm that they know what they’re doing. I did take note of the increase in circulating supply, but everything revolving around it made sense (it was in the whitepaper, the funds were to be released one year after the ICO, and so on).

Just a side note, yes, we understand that some may have bought at the top and are down, but that’s nearly for every coin, not just ICX. If crypto isn’t for you, maybe it’s time to depart from it once you break even. Personally during these times, I’ve been focused on enjoying life during these quieter times, so a break from checking your portfolio every ten minutes may be a good start :slight_smile: .



ICON x Deblock October — SF Blockchain Week, Korean Government Initiatives, Media Appearances, Seoul Government Demo, Friday Night ICON, ICON Strategy & Biz Workshop

October was, yet again, a globally packed month for both ICON and Deblock with every global base of ICON firing on all cylinders.

With a Title Sponsor Participation by ICON SF of San Francisco Blockchain Week , several government initiatives by ICON Korea, including demonstrations with the Seoul Metropolitan Government along with several media appearances , and Friday Night ICON .

Min Kim giving a Keynote Speech on ICON at San Francisco Blockchain Week

San Francisco Blockchain Week

San Francisco Blockchain Week kicked off with ICON as a title sponsor, a sponsor with participation akin to an organizer. Minho Kim gave a keynote speech which was described in detail by the ICONist here.

Scott Smiley of ICX Station (far right)

Both Scott Smiley and Daeki Lee of ICX Station also participated in panel talks during SF Blockchain Week, which was attended by some of the most central figures in the blockchain space including Naval Ravikant, and Vitalik Buterin.

Daeki Lee of ICX Station (middle)

Korean Government Initiatives

While the SF Team was busy being title sponsors, ICON Council Member KJ Eee, and JH Kim were invited to an event hosted by the Korea National Assembly and organized conjunctly with Blockchain Associations in Korea, the event was titled: “ South Korea’s New Opportunity, Blockchain — ABC .

JH Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP, at the National Assembly

The description of the event was as follows:

“The global blockchain market is expected to expand by tenfold over the next five years, and the blockchain industry represents a new opportunity for an ICT powerhouse like South Korea.”

A week later, JH Kim gave a keynote speech along with participation in a panel discussion at Korea Blockchain Expo, a conference with partnerships and from representatives from the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Jeju Government, and Busan Metropolitan Government.

Part of the article: ICON x Korean Government: Unpacked. Read here.

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to this, ICON and Deblock have several running initiatives with the government.

Read the full article of ICON’s government initiatives, projects and narratives , including S-Coin.

Media Appearances

Both myself and Henry Lee, Head of Global Business of ICON, made media appearances on Blockchain Brad, while I had one with the Crypto Zombie as well. Scott Smiley of ICX Station also made an appearance on the crypto podcast: Coinboyspodcast.

Deblock’s Managing Partner, Hyun Oh, was invited to give a speech on the “State of Blockchain Innovation” at “Blockchain Playground,” hosted by Asia Economy, one of the leading finance media of Korea.

Deblock’s Hyun Oh at Asia Economy

“Over the next six months, Korea will be a blockchain testbed for the world. Applications of blockchain that bring real utility will spark mass adoption. And Korea is culturally primed to do so.”

For a full description of the speech, read here.

ICON x Seoul Metropolitan Government Demonstration

ICON also demonstrated 3 applications of ICON Technology with the Seoul Metropolitan Government held at the Seoul International Digital Festival:

  1. ICON Blockchain Identification Card
  2. ICON Blockchain Vote
  3. ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments

Blockchain Seoul App built on ICON technology

Click here for more details on the demonstration. The demonstration was essentially a milestone reached after the partnerships and projects launched with government entities :

Source: The ICONist

Friday Night ICON by Deblock & Webloc

Deblock & Webloc also hosted October’s Friday Night ICON, Blockchain Demo Day, covered by the ICONist here. This month’s winner was Owdin Network, and the event was covered extensively by The ICONist here.

Pictured above: ICON’s Business Team, Strategy Team, Deblock, and De:Nexo

ICON Business and Strategy Workshop

Finally, At the end of this month, Deblock and ICON’s Business & Strategy Teams participated in an intensive internal workshop regarding ICON’s business and strategy.

The workshop involved several discussion sessions and one of the key themes of the workshop was interoperability.



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u censor some one for bringing up very valid points because it dosnt fit in the with hype thread narrative. I thought crypto was meant to be censorship resistant ? The fact u censor some one with a healthy counter argument should be a big red flag to any one thinking of buying in it or holding it. Does the pub still get a kick back from icon?

So now the pub is a communist pub.
Funny thing is the pub is full of westerners that apparently believe in freedom of speech but I guess that’s only when it’s convenient with the narrative.

This is unhealthy brainwashing , there should be a healthy talk of good and bad in any thread on any coin as peter said “ invest in a safe environment “ after some lost all there money in bitconnect. Censorship is not a safe environment


Bullish! Great to see Icon are taking it slow, but doing it right. Naturally everyone i’m sure gets day when their faith/optimism waivers slightly, i am definitely no different. As we are so early, it can sometimes be hard to really see how far icon can go.

But if Icon pull this off, then i really can’t see why we can’t be massively rewarded in the years to come. With a new asset class and asset, there is always a price discovery phase too. With that being said, that is why I also believe Icon will be worth double digits in the years to come as the market works out how to price Icon. As long as they keep growing of course, and in my opinion a HUGE part of that is if ultimately the SK government give that green light to ICO’s ect.

In my opinion this is how i see it… you can either put your money in Stocks/shares, but right now the market is way overbought and think we are going to see things head on down for a while.

Property, same as above.

Commodities: Can be a good hedge against the above two, but fluctuates massively with gold already just below its ATH…ish.

Crypto: Cheap can get in now at the grass roots level, servers a utility and a NEED for the years to come, store of value ( BTC ), the risk to reward ratio vastly outweighs any of the above. The amount i need to put in for exponential returns are huge.

Always worth remembering, that the market works in cycles…this is no different. We might not see prices go parabolic like 2017 for another 2-3 years yet. But in the end would it be worth it? Probably…


I’m not going to waste anymore time with this, so this is your final warning. There either needs to be a change of pace on your end, or you’ll have to face a suspension as well. I’ve only suspended those that were disruptive to insightful conversation or posed threats to security of pub members, not those with opposing opinions.

There have been many ICX threads, many of which have had many posters. Out of all these threads with 10K posts, and the hundreds of people posting (with opposing opinions by the way), only a few users were suspended , and those members were disruptive/trolling.


To be fair, there’s no need to censor anyone here, we’re all grown ups (I assume).

Nothing wrong with throwing the occasional, doubt or joke. Like this one:

I wonder what S-Coin stands for. S-Coin… C’mon man!!!