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Anyone recently used iconex wallet to exchange icx erc20 to Icon native token? What is the turnaround time currently? I am at 24 hours at the moment with the wallet at 0 balance.


Here you go:

Token swap submission received before 09:00(UTC+9) will be processed
and distributed on the same day at 18:00(UTC+9). Submission received after 09:00(UTC+9) will be processed the next day. (No distribution on weekends or holidays)

So in your case you should receive it today.




mine took 3 days. don’t stress yet


Honestly, I didn’t. I don’t see us going to BBQ sauce boss land for a few years. I am waiting 5 years with all crypto to see how it goes.

The great culling has yet to even begin. Wait until the next dip. We’re still super early in the space of crypto currencies, awareness and early adoption.


Lol, lots of meme guesses there. The ones that aren’t seem to be all over the board, but most real guesses aren’t in the tipple digits.


Same birthday as the bitcoin pub. What if we are the ICON foundation? :tinfoilhat:


This was the same thing I was thinking. Pretty funny that Peter was contributing to the founding of the pub on the same day ICON started, and he didn’t even have a clue they existed until later.


Only 7 likes, yet that news is absolutely MAJOR!!
Fuck the price, Icon is seriously stepping up!!


Mine is tomorrow. coincidence :scream_cat: :sunglasses: :thinking:


What is Icons run off period…how long can they go before they run out of money?
I know KMD has 12 years…just wondered what time span ICX had, Cheers.


@scraggyhound with ETH today at $360 less the $5m buyback, 45 devs at $50K p.a. would give 26 years.

If ETH is < $130 next week then less than 9 years. Feel free to adjust dev count and salaries.


Also factor in the none dev team and other overheads etc.


I like that spin on things. Very true, easy to forget that actually. $1000 = $17.5k, jeeeez. If people wanted a second chance, well it’s staring you in the face right now. Are you brave enough to take it, that’s only something you can all decide individually.

Put it this way…

We could go lower, but if we are what 90% from ATH, & ICON continues to grow which it is regardless of the price currently and so does the overall market…which it is behind the scenes…whats the logical direction for icon to now go?

I know which way i’m thinking on :upside_down_face: That’s why recently iv’e come out from my bunker, to hit the frontlines of trading because i know that i NEED more ICX. The more I have the more i can lower my risk downside, by the fluctuation in price. Right now is a good time to trade, as iv’e said before the market isn’t just going to shoot off and leave us all in the dust.

It’ll be a steady climb, we will not see any possible exponential growth until this ETF hopefully gets approved end of next month.

Just my opinion though!


I’m a CryptoCandor fan. Not sure if anyone else is or not. She’s got a poll up to identify what she should cover next. Right now, it’s neck and neck between ICX and VET. I’d love to see some of the youtubers start to cover some of the recent, positive updates about Icon. Markus from Deblock has even offered to help her out.

If you’re interested in voting for ICX and getting some of the updated news out there through her channel you can vote here:


Is that why I keep getting ads to meet Asian and Russian women?


Over 9 thousands :smiley:


On the bright side I got my short term ICX goal sooner than expected :sweat_smile::joy:


Waiting for ICX to retest 0.70 again before I buy more, bit of green today though!


And sugar-momma hasn’t even come through! Still sitting on the sidelines like a greedy little biyotch quietly hoping for .50 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: